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A lot to chew on here! I just finished my first reading of this post, so nothing has gelled yet. Superficially speaking, I was expecting more on Duende, although that does seem to be implicit, particularly when you refer to "post reality as really a liminal state of consciousness." It would seem to me that the intrusion of spectres in this phase would be a sign of societal and perhaps personal degeneration. I can't decide on this. On the one hand, the sheer strangeness of this phenomenon is mind blowing and suggests that our reality is far different from what we are taught to expect. Perhaps this aspect has been suppressed too long and is now erupting into consciousness.

You mention the backdoor brotherhood. Given that reality is tied together on every plane of existence, there just has to be a connection between western society's complicity in that and Nature acting out. If a supervolcano blows, it will be a sure sign of the offence to the divine order imo. Your focus on this is a great consolation (un grand soulagement) after years of bromides such as "what they do in their own bedroom is ok by me as long as nobody is harmed." Yes, but.

I'm fascinated by your supposition that death for women is different than death for men. I always thought it was a weakness for women to regard their children as extensions of themselves, thus denying the child's autonomy. However, in a vital sense, the child is part of the mother, as you point out.

I believe the degradation of the feminine is the consequence of the failure to love, but love in and of itself is the numero uno enemy of the kabbalists. This is a transcendent love that incorporates the divine (particularly in adoration) and perhaps Dante was the last to give that idea full expression. The renaissance was the beginning of a falling off of the capacity for men to love women, as the carnal aspect began to be emphasised, as for instance in Bottichelli's Primavera. Promotion of illicit sexuality is what is corrupting, but the very idea of illicit sexuality is foreign to moderns, à leur grand dam.

Finally, because I got up in the middle of the night to read your post, now that my talkative wife is sleeping, I would like to explore the idea that kabbalism is a manifestation of a deeper evil. Indeed, I am kind of yearning for an unabashed openly theological discussion of these issues rather than skirting around what appears to be the real elephant, or perhaps more graphically, the fact that we are standing at the base of the Eiger but can't see it even on a clear day--namely, the denial of theology. Even in a state of suspended creditation, theology offers a vocabulary ideally suited for such a discussion. Just reading Milton's heady rendition of the demons falling into the fiery gulf illustrates the power of theological context.