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My situation living in a European country is somewhat like your own. I too have to keep a low profile and not divulge personal details. For the last five years my life has been turned upside down by my being pursued and attacked, and most importantly, spied on and surveilled. There is no apparent reason for this. I’m a person of no importance and I have done nothing that could explain how I came to be selected for this. I conclude that it must have something to do with intangible factors, perhaps the same mindset that led to my interest in your writings. These dark forces are picking up on something and interfacing with human and not so human agents. The not so human kind are truely bizarre, but nevertheless have a physicality for the short time that I am confronted by them. They seem to be some kind of hologram that lasts a short time and then vanishes. Holograms that follow me six inches behind taking little baby steps in rapid succession so that they only veer off when I increase my pace to a fast walk. They are capable of opening doors. The not so human kind can appear on a bus sitting in the seat behind you having their back to you when you are sitting in a nearly empty bus next to the entry door, having magically boarded the bus at some stop after you boarded, even though they never passed by the sole entry door. They follow you off the bus maintaining their high frequency shuffle six inches behind.

The human agents seem more threatening. They too appear out of nowhere. They perform little stunts like descending a hill on a bicycle at the fastest possible speed, jumping to the sidewalk and missing you by an inch. They communicate to you that you cannot escape them and that they can take you out at any time. This European city I live in is rife with these actors, but they also dutifully show up in any country I visit.

A normal person at this point would probably have me committed. The fact that I am relating this here is that I trust that you are capable of understanding without making a snap judgement. The stakes are that we can gain a foothold in an expanded reality that actually seems to be seeking some kind of dialogue, or we can close our minds and throw the whole matter into the psychiatrist’s bin.

As for my wife, she was stricken with a tumour that was cutting off the blood supply to her brain. This appeared sometime after I rediscovered your blog. She has been subject to the same dark pursuit as myself with various goons showing up in the hospital, but after returning home from the hospital she was almost attacked at knifepoint by a goon who had covered his face. She is one of the local Easter Islanders.