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Right. Now we are ... as they say...
getting somewheres.

"As for my wife, she was stricken with a tumour that was cutting off the blood supply to her brain. This appeared sometime after I rediscovered your blog"....... I spent most of a week trying to puzzle through the sullen resistance in my mind/body to a statement of yours to the effect that I had shown "compassion" for your wife. This did not get resolved really, and stayed an impediment to making progress on the draft which you have now read. "Compassion," and "kindness," while not absurdly foreign to the context of our conversation, certainly did not fit the bill, and I wanted to know why.

The above quote - which has ominous undertones for me in particular, rings a bell as to the state of "mind" which Hannah Nydahl was party to upon leaving this dimension. You may know nothing about that name, which belonged to the wife of a Danish guy high up in the pecking order of the tibetan Karma Kargyu sect

who I last intersected with - sometime after the death of Hannah - when he and a group of his followers did a puja in the capital city of a central american state [which I would not be TERRIBLY surprised to discover was the same as that which WMW had taken permanent residency papers in]when I happened to be driving up that western cordillera on my way back to GRINGOLANDIA.

Haven't said nearly as much about the conjunction of 'tantric buddhism' with 'kabbalism' and other dark necromantic forces as needs be here - yet - for various reasons, but the one theme which needs be emphasised about it is the deliberate SEQUESTRATION of the feminine ... as embodied in the form of a living ....female... energies in order to advance one's ... he heh heh... "spiritual" growth. Vampirism of the psychic kind.  Hannah - a beautiful, gifted person... was a freaking vegetable at the end. Her brain was totally rotted out - destroyed. It's not 'a disease' ... it's evil in action.

Anyway, I saw Ole and the gang in action... made some final assessments, realized just how important distancing myself from that milieu had been. The 'apparitional' phenomena your reply is describing could be said to be similar to the type of experience of meditators in that same 'tradition' whose 'practice' can be dogged for years by such 'demonic' manifestations. But the 'human' ones too are not outside the bounds of observable forms of 'obstacle' which are as life threatening as any other kind of attack.

There is actually a lot of shit which has gone down in Europe over the past 40 years ago attributable to the importation of these Asian guys and their bizarre medieval monastic[read pederastic]culture which collectively adds up to a part of the collapsing of western 'civilization' in the same way that muslim jihadism has been marshaled for the same task... by the same kabbalistic-talmudic ringleaders.

Here's the crux - in the same manner that you [mis]understoood my relationship to Anna Campbell, it may be difficult to understand my interest in your wifes' situation. Among the many 'masks' which I wear, that of the 'pyschopomp' is one I seldom employ, yet seem fated to most necessarily relate to the world from the context of. I work 'with' souls, in other words. In an entirely 'impersonal' capacity, if only because our 'souls' are 'supra-personal.'

It's already been mentioned here, or at least implied... that there are 'fates' worse that 'death.' This is a theme which has drawn you in and will need be understood, to the degree that what you wish to get out of the experience of being 'here' can be found and accessed. Some of the most valuable parts of which may be in parts of the work here outside of what you initially suppose to be your core concern.

We will get to those 'cores' in precise progression. As you sift through each part of this three ringed circus  - an approximation upon the page of the cinematic opus 'CARNIVAL OF SOULS' - in addition to realizing that there is nothing I'm having trouble with grasping about your described situation, you are free to weave that delicate high wire act between 'disclosure' and 'anonymity' such as I must perform myself...

so as to secure your aim. If you wish me to deal with 'the tumour'... that is fine. If not, that is too.