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I'm going to be rambling a bit here - be forewarned. Actually, this is a normal feature of my putting thoughts/ideas into words for publishing - again only an high school education with little interest in attending class or making good grades was my background.

Sometime in the 80's I happened upon (I have a long tradition of happening upon things - especially books which changed my views etc.) a book Kahuna Magic by Brad Steiger. Somewhere in those pages was a warning that meditating before one is ready is very hazardous. Something like 40 years of age or better was the recommended time to begin - I'm not sure now and do not have the book anymore. Prior to reading this in that book I had been a sort of follower of a radio personality named Roy Masters who taught a meditation and he published books on psychic vampirism and terrible parenting etc. I liked what he had to say and even met him at his Foundation of Human Understanding in Los Angeles once. But I was never good at doing what someone said I should do and so really never did the meditation consistently or with great intent.

In hindsight, I'm now glad for my laziness and innate sixth sensing of staying away from going too deeply into this eastern mysticism stuff. I came to not like Roy Masters as he fawned over the Republican President Ronald Reagan and this just got under my skin. Why is a guy who is teaching us to be free of negative habits going so off into politics?

Anyway, this statement in Kahuna Magic about meditation being a potentially dangerous thing stuck with me and to this day do not practice it. I am not opposed to stillness and in fact am naturally good at being still and comfortable alone and quiet. This is not a common thing among most men I know. For me, the quote attributed to Blaise Pascal rings true and I can see this in the behavior of my fellow men : All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

 I have always been drawn to and in relationship with women who are keenly psychic - my now wife included. I usually consider myself thick as a brick in this regard to psychic ability yet have had another woman recently do some astrology on me (I didn't ask for it - she just did it for my wife and I) and she finds me to be a shaman type!?  Whatevs...
Though I did partake in an Ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon jungle just before it became trendy... WOW was that something. And I had done LSD, psilocybin and everything but injectable stuff as I made my way through my teens and twenties... rambling - see? I still see some value in psilocybin and herbal psychoactives but not using any of them now. Recreational use of them is foolish and only in a sacred sort of way would I use them again.

So all this to say that while reading the comments above I find that somehow I have happened upon something again...

Stay well all...