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Feels like the weather is on the cusp of blowing in a new season... and those same winds are likely to be blowin in a new dynamic to the long-static Syrian situation. I haven't posted anything on that topic- or current "events" of any kind, for months now... having recognized back in April that the script writers had retired backstage to work out something slightly more plausible than the hilariously transparent storyline   they had foisted upon us last spring.

Yes - seems they are finally ready for them to take another kick at the can... which will not change much at all about the results I had laid out for the Syrian Endgame last winter... but will doubtless involve a doubling down on efforts to deceive, now that their game has been badly exposed to daylight!

What is at the same time becoming visible is that the Drumpf Deception is soon to reach its' climax. His hold upon power is so tenuous now that the dead enders/true believers have literally outdone themselves in creating fictional narratives as comical as the delusions which herr Hitler himself suffered in the final days of Berlin.

I refer here to the two former investigative reporters whose work has descended from stellar to cellar in but a couple of years... one of whose reasons for retiring from the real are very well known to me; the other of whom has clearly - if mysteriously - been subject to mind-alteration so severe as to make reading his work now a source of constant astonishment. Jim Stone/Thierry Meyssan - really two brains  melded into one toxic residue of working faculties, have been both hard at work explaining how Drumpf has indeed been....

\crusading for peace and justice in the muddled east and elsewhere...
\playing "5D chess"[sorry, I'm not makin this's what the man sez!]against the "deep state" and every other bad actor... so as to 'make america' at least -whole- if not 'great' agin!

You might ask how - these two self-described enemies of judaic hegemonism and sraeli genocide are able to skirt around details such as Drumpf giving the $power jUrusalem on a plate, the Chabad gang full control of the levers of money and power in DC, and whatever residual executive authority might have remained him.... right over to the Moscow wing of the talmudic mafiya. But you will ask in vain... no answers will be forthcoming... no questions entertained.

This is desperation... in fact the final stage before capitulation, and since the talmudists are now throwing everything AND the kitchen sink at those of us who a) can smell blood; b)have the teeth to make a small wound into a fatality... I'm gearing up for the final stage of Operation Odio - which I've chosen to name after that hero of my youth - ODIO COLOGNI - faithful chancellor and advisor to KING LEONARDO LION, the twin of evil, flea-scratchin no good 'ITCHY BROTHER' AND...his notorious puppetmaster 'BIGGY RAT!' Through weekly installments, the two duked it out over the fate of "Bongo-Congo" and its cartoon citizenry... much like today,

ITCHY POOTIE and his talmudic "Even Bigger Rat" in the s e Med fight it out with the Orange-mantled toothless tiger in DC, with his 'skunk' of a Chabad 'advisor'/handler for who gets to lord it over a dyin republic. Only difference in this 'post-reality' reprise of our beloved 60s cartoon series... there are no 'good guys' this time round... only trashy talmudic hand puppets playing 'Punch n Judy' to a soundtrack of "Animal Crackers!"

I've previously mentioned two key elements to becoming an authentic enemy of kabbalistic talmudism... rather than just another visible casualty along the way - maintenance of a sense of humor, of a light-heartedness in the face of dark and terrible evil; and surrounding ones' self with a layer of protective paranoia which errs on the side of caution in all eventualities. Like Leonardo and his bro, these two are flip sides of each other, complementary 'white' and 'black' which fit together to form a buttress and refuge. Of course, there's a whole lot more involved in becoming a "soul survivor" - but without those two under ones' belt... the rest don't mean a thing!

The interval which the past quarter year has represented here.... a chance to flow with n get to know readers and their stories... has been a rich and revealing one. It has also illuminated the grim reality which westerlings uniformly find themselves in, whilst eliminating any remaining doubts I might have entertained as to the bottom line of that grim [post]reality. In some ways, my worst fears have been exceeded.

Not only have people who I honestly believed to be authentic 'resistors' to kabbalist talmudism disappeared into the weird twilight zone that marks the silent 'transformation' of a mind into a malevolent simulacrum of itself... working for TEAM K (maybe without even knowing it... the jury still out on that one!) DURING their brief stopovers here...

the case of Catalysm - who I do not expect to see back - wrenchingly illustrates the probable accuracy of the prognosis I made for myself before fleeing the fallen lands forever. While leaving the obligatory tiny amount of doubt that his case could... as with others I have witnessed... be one of an intricate 'spoofing' and/or gatekeeping exercise, that scenario exceeds even my widest net of paranoiac protection. I was, and remain, pretty convinced of his authenticity - the voice just too lucid, well read, and grounded to be a fake hang out. Which leaves us where? The reason I left the west was in order to avoid being hunted down, and either terminated or have my own mind turned against me.

In drawing out from our correspondent some degree of detail about what he felt threatened by, I could surely see the rough outlines, if not the exact same blueprint, of what I had feared would happen to me if not evacuated. And while I most definitely wished to help, perhaps the most wrenching revelation of all - to both he and I - was that there really is no help to give. As the man himself all too truthfully said "it feels like dying." I only hope that I was not too blunt in confirming that assessment, and giving my truthful prediction of what the stakes would be!

While I consider it of the utmost importance, for staying 'real' - that really terrible ugly and evil stuff be presented, acknowledged, and discussed....

I don't want to dwell too much on it, particularly if... indeed... there IS nothing I can do to help! If the west has drifted into the twilight zone of talmudist hell realms 'on earth' so to has been resoundingly confirmed to me -  I am here ONLY to witness to and record that fact... to whoever is still 'out there.' It's really just too spooky...

and I need to move on. Which brings me back to ... wrapping up this interlude of the geopolitics behind the mask blog platform. I still wish to present the story of NXIVM - in all its' sordid details - because it somehow serves to sum up everything we have gone over here... and in doing so, potentially tie up many loose ends, neatly. In addition it dovetails right into my next direction... which may or may not fit into the confines of this particular space. While I'm mulling over all that...

the other thing to note is that yes - the Syrian Endgame is heating up again at last - and looks to be reaching its' conclusion.... one which in my opinion must have wide ranging implications for all of the states, people, and land masses we have figured into the mix here. So I expect to be returning to that short n sweet format of somewhat 'newsy' dispatch with a hiatus for the longish essay thing... which I frankly have really really enjoyed. Hope you have too!

Well, it really feels like I'm about to come off of holidays, get back to regular scribblin, maybe make some progress on "the book." If my intuition is correct - we will see by November, huge shifts on a number of fronts. What I wish to personally attend to is finish off the work I set out for myself near three years ago on  the TALMUDIC KABBALIST HQ blog over dar... in zero cred land...

 smash through the final crust of resistance which the forces of deceit have employed to keep their GOLDEN FLEECE[ING]/TRUMP DECEPTION/BRIX N SILKY ROAD hoaxes alive. Tis time.

 And I feel invigorated enough to finally finish them off, after a well-chosen "holiday." But first... I gotta the nose to the grindstone and get those old stories organized. They are live ammo to be fired off like mortars into a fleeing enemy mass.

And - oh~! One last thing.... do you remember that story I penned here... long ago n far away?
Well... She's BAAAAACK! And she ain't happy!

When all the dust n debris from the tumbling tower of lies... has cleared, and it's time to look back on the crime scene... people will be asking...

how did he know? How coulda he seen it coming? See... there's some things I didn't tells ya'll about "Melania Kraus" ... he he heh... and her ummm... Central European - so to speak - background.

But I did tells ya a LOT about FREAKISH FRANKISH SABBATEANISM... ENOUGH to give the alert reader all the clues they needed...
to know that -once agin!- Augustin Dupin and his modern-day protege have done it - all o'er agin!

Yupper - Just as "Jackie Did it"... Mel is ready to 'pull the trigger' on the Don. Don't believe me huh?
He he heh... stay tuned folks!