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— by WhatMeWorry WhatMeWorry
The reason I left the west was in order to avoid being hunted down, and either terminated or have my own mind turned against me.

Pray tell Psychopomp, how would you expect that your own mind would/could be turned against you? Being terminated is simple enough if someone really wants you gone. Are you talking about being held and rendered psychologically unsound by nefarious people? This I can see as being possible then.

So I expect to be returning to that short n sweet format of somewhat 'newsy' dispatch with a hiatus for the longish essay thing... which I frankly have really really enjoyed. Hope you have too!

I'm a newbie here and do indeed like reading your "longish essay" but will take whatever I can get. Still getting up to speed with your older stuff.

I find that there are precious few whom I can trust to journey along with on this dangerous road we walk and have seen not a few of those I formerly trusted or looked up to for leadership to be working against getting to TRR. Of course some of these were untrustworthy all along and it was I who was naive and undisciplined in my seeking for TRR.

Over at Zerocred I follow your comments and wonder what you think about still holding shiny in the fallen states? Haven't yet read all of your Gold for Oil, Oil for Blood series yet so was just wondering about this. Not saying I have any, but if I did my average cost would be below $700 so would not be hurtin' at this time.

Anywho, stay well keep those observations a-comin'!

Oh yeah, and I hadn't heard the name Biggy Rat for decades! I recall the toon also. I was a big fan of cartoons and still am I guess.