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Pray tell Psychopomp, how would you expect that your own mind would/could be turned against you? Being terminated is simple enough if someone really wants you gone. Are you talking about being held and rendered psychologically unsound by nefarious people? This I can see as being possible then.

A large part of that question is going to answered within the coming "monster post" which I promised was coming back in August. However, I don't mind 'setting the stage' so to speak herein.

I experienced having 'my own mind turned against me' some four decades ago- first hand. The effects of atrazine poisoning on the body are much better understood than those on the mind... but since they are really one 'unit,' it stands to reason that the effects are upon psyche and soma both. The somatic conditions engendered were similar to what is being discovered now as the widespread 'estrogenic' effects upon various exposed species - including our own. Getting the physical residues of the poison out of the body - they lodge in the fatty tissues - was a work of great time and effort...[and luck I may add!]yet the effects on the psyche are much more dangerous ... and hard to alleviate.

The main takeaway from having succeeded at removing them against all odds? The turning of ones' mind against ones' self always occurs in abeyance of ones' awareness of that estrangement - that is the key. One believes the imposed consciousness to be 'their own'... and acts accordingly. Against their own interests. Their is no need for nefarious people to physically interact with anyone for this to all go down.

At the outset of this particular platform - and its companion one BARBAROUS RELIQUARY- it was stated to be my primary precis that a 'CULTURE WAR' has been waged upon the west for half a century now. What I am describing are the minute, up front and personal elements of that war.... waged from behind scenes, on all of us. I realize that one might think that poisoning via agricultural chemicals is an isolated, personal misfortune with no connection to any wider context. That is mistaken on several levels... as the war against us is indeed "full spectrum."