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"BEING AND ERRANCY" - Imminent Deja Vu - n Tyler too! Dead Ahead! all over agin!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Not a whole lot needing to be said about the current setting up of the chess pieces in Idlib. I said it all, months ago, in posts like Showdown in Aleppo: Megiddo All Over Agin?

"As such, it was clearly understood by both parties - Russia was warned that the covert assassinations of its targets - jihadists who its trained 'killer' crews were tracking down and eliminating in Turkey, would have to be shut down. Srael, you see, owns and operates those "Islamic" terrorists, and as such, keeps them at hand to control both the Ankara regime (cf my story - "Smoke on the Water") and abroad as matches with which to ignite the ever smouldering flames of sectarian war in Russias' own backyard! And while ALL of it's proxies and minions ARE ultimately expendable to tel aviv, it is rigorous in letting it be known that the timetable for such expiry is set by itself alone.

Protecting assets, disposing of assets - much of the Syrian Imbrogolio will in hindsight prove to have been about Srael doing exactly that; The current decline of Daesh/Isis is quite in keeping with that TERROR STATES' program, whereby the conclusion of the phony wars in Iraq and Syria can be brought about once the petroleum assets it seeks are safely sequestered, and the affected states sufficiently neutered! Using both the Turks and the proxy mercenaries to achieve all this has been the keystone of its strategy - one we are now witnessing the final flourish of!

The Russians, as previously mentioned, have been dragged into a de facto alliance with with Srael for the purpose of building and operating an "EURASIAN ENERGY CARTEL" soon to be operational. It will include such (seemingly) unlikely members as Saudi Arabia, Iran, several Gulf States and Central Asia ones, and be aimed as a weapon of mass destruction at the west, in holding Europe to ransom, while forcing a breach in its economic and military alliances. The obvious joint goal of both 'senior' members - Srael and Russia is the destruction of NATO and peeling off of Germany from the rest of a defenseless Europe. The less obvious tensions between the two are over the division of the spoils of course, but much more as well. The fate of Russia itself is in play, because the diaspora of Russian talmudists who have control over most of the worlds' finances now are eager to leverage that power into control over ALL of the major nation states.
" I followed up my reports on the steady erosion of Russian influence and control over events Syria-wise, whilst wiser guys than I were gladhanding/backslapping a "victory" for the Russkie Bear which ...just weren't ever there! Now, months on, as Russia struggles to control its' erstwhile "allies" Turkey, Syria and Iran, the inevitable clash between the Ali Babas is about to begin... and no amount of alt-o-media spin can reduce the pain of seeing their "axis of resistance" melt down in to just one more instance... of MIKE NOMADS' truth in media jihad knocking the snot outta every lackey of the $power what peeks up from above the trenches where tranches of talmudic trollery hide n pretend that they're "winnin!"  

"Winnin" so well that... well - the only really 'new' news to report is this -

in the inimitable style of the 'free n independent' "alternative media" ...mere days into my return to duty with phasers on full... the talmudic HQ blog has become so fazed as to have initiated emergency measures, clearly designed to close the door to pesky reporters from the muddled east - and viewpoints "alternative" to the the phony alternative medias! What to do.... what to do>?? When faced with being forced to play on a 'level playing field'... our heroes of the faken media empire know only one solution.... destroy the fukkin playing field!

After spending most of yesterday trying to figure out if I was simply caught in the middle of some format changeover gone bad, I finally realized that "the Hedge" had finally turned on it's protective screens... and made possible an effective "shadow ban" of all those it wishes to be muted.

When I mentioned "capitulation" the other day here, of course I had something like this in mind... but the speed with which they have been forced to circle the circle jerk - and admit to being totally outplayed - is stunning. Barely three comments in to my promised 'finishing off' of the business I came back for... I'm unable to even read - let alone respond to - the flow of gomer gabbling, not "banned"...

they know from a previous showdown that my response to that eventuality is ready at the flip of a switch!
Just effectively prevented from finishing off a dying fake storyline... and the stooges who push it.

 no... not "offline"... down on the mat... as beaten as A GEORGE FOREMAN. What brought about this unexpected knock out blow only a couple of minutes into the final round? Two 'sneaky' jabs - a left hook to the "gold scam" side of the psyop... followed up by a crushing blow to the ribs of the phony "axis of resistance" - all 'resistance' now canceled!

This can only mean that we are indeed at the critical point o the "SYRIAN ENDGAME"... WHERE no real reports or reporters can be allowed to interfere with the proceedings. No worries... I laid out the whole deal way back last winter, and one has only to weave through those January thru March posts to have all the ringside information to keep abreast of what is about to break, far more effectively than by drinking the faken news foolaid now being splashed around. "Syrian Endgame" - Live at Last!

When I sat back last spring, to observe the complete crushing

 which this site had wrought... of the faken news muddled eastern psyop last winter... I recalled the use I had made of Heideggers' "Being and Errancy" - in the course of pointing out how the vast difference in accuracy between my own work and theirs was attributable to the manner of approaching the story - in Dupins' terms to see - that which is... and not see... that which is not!

Imminent Deja Vu - Too / Dead Ahead! 

I cannot think of a more appropriate way of summing up this current comical capitulation on the part of those whose job it is to report "the news" with 'eyes wide shut!'
Whilst I'm working out my response to this latest pathetically transparent ploy of the talmudic media... I recommend re-reading those winter posts... and remembering what was previously noted:

this is, indeed... the very last caravansaray on that long trek thru the deserts o the "really real."

 Part two of the one-two punch up what knocked a livin legend to the mat~!