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Shadowboxing with da Man
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave

is what a shadowban looks like 'in action.' Knowing that the consequence of actually 'pulling the trigger' will be nought but their own demise... the talmudic twins have contented themselves with a backhanded effort to keep the real news about to happen from the tender ears of their hostage audience of Jonestowners.

Reveling(so to speak) in what appears to be my new status as single most blacklisted journalist in de world... sitting on top of multiple 'bomb' stories which will inevitably blow up all seeking to defuse the truth... the question is 'where to begin?' Well, yes, Syria, of course... but knowing that I have already laid out in precise detail the "events' which are about to begin their choreographed progress to the demise of the 'west'... I need decide how to "re-present" the obvious facts ... in a way that so sufficiently cuts through the dense smoke and mirrors as to allow even a mind-wiped gomer to 'grok' it.

All "Islamic" jihadis are ultimately property of Urusalem. Exactly as was the case... with the strange case... of the box-cuttin "Arabs" who just 'happened' ... to be Hebrew. Do you see the pattern here?

The care and feeding of the phony islamist radicals is farmed out to phony islamist regimes.... Turkey being the main caregiver, with crypto-judaic semite states like Saudi-stan bankrolling the banquet. Thus, the mirage of "muslim terror" is maintained. As the work on my old platform conclusively showed, however... ALL terrorism ultimately boils down to a talmudic template... and "turco-talmudic" terror is what will bring down both Russia and the USSA.
The two mentioned states are slated to be placed into 'kinetic action' against each other - inveigled by their respective chabad lubavitch handlers who channel their masters voice through the respective puppet Presidents, into a confrontation in which the turks will play the key role given them by HQ in Urusalem. Of course the 'collateral damage' of this play of deceit will be the Europoid folks of both Russ and the west... joint victims of the machinations of Russo-talumic terror, packaged in the traditional "Turkish Delite" wrapping.

All of the bullshit about the 'alliance' between Russia, Iran and Turkey is about to go out the window fo'ever. The only wild card in the whole deck right now is the Kurdish cantons of Rojava. Which is why they are both feared and reviled in the talmudic medias.

"Agent Drumpf" is... as I put it months back... about to 'take the long way home... home being the place in hell reserved for those who betray everyone around them, out of a combination of stupidity, cupidity, and greed. A powerful trio of sins which will allow for the arrival of "Agent Melania "Kraus"" to replay the scene where Jackie... DID IT.

While he places the military forces of which he is 'in charge' in positions of ultimate jeopardy far from home, he himself will be placed in ultimate jeopardy right 'at home'... attacked with full force by his domestic enemies exactly at the same time events spin out of control in the muddled east. A pack of 'former' allies of the dying colossus - knives sharpened by the orange-haired traitors insistent goading of them into defiance... will suddenly 'join' with the 'enemy' team.

Results? Stay tuned.

As with the events of two years past - predicted in precise detail by this neo-journalist 8 MONTHS BEFORE the phony coup took place - you are receiving a preview of the 'news'... from nowhere.

This is now literally the only place in earth bound space where you will read the truth ... and not be lied to. This message in a bottle bottle needs be carried forth into de world. Writing it up was my responsibility. How it gets out will be yours. If you choose to accept this mission...

you better be as sharp as "Heckle n Jeckle," ... and as fearless as a QuikDraw McGraw!

reporting from an Anatolia time outta mind...