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— by J J
ZH seems to have outsourced their comments engine. Most likely to Zeta Media. A profile builder.

To find your own comments on ZH, go to a story’s Comments section and wait for it’s spinning wheel to access commentary. Then click on the My Profile tab and your comments will load. Pure proof that the comments engine is not native to ZH now as the entirety of one’s comments are there.

I had posted a number of comments asking if anyone had figured out how to search for comments by user. When I look at the status of those comments, they are Locked. All three of them whereas the story status for the other, older comments I made are not.

And finally creepy part of the recent upgrade is that after the changeover, my ZH profile had an old Google mail address I had not used in eons. So, the site must search for any Google profile on ones machine and grab it and place THAT as your new email address profile for ZH. Beyond creepy.

Now I need to find a way to contact them to close my account out there as the current version has no function for me other than reading headlines. So goes the fate of the Khazarian internet. Thankfully I have enough reading material on hand to last me a few lifetimes. Plus, screentime drains your Yin energy.