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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Good to hear from some of the olde crew!

Maestro... your link has 'in moderation' on the end of it... meaning it hasn't yet passed the screen which the mofos must use in order to filter out truth in media....
if you get a capture of it actually posted on the  saker shitsheet... why not paste it here for us!?



Yes... I think you will be OK in the library dept. If only that were the  biggest concern...
I do not even get to the 'spinnin wheel' part... when using a normal browser. You can see from the bottom of the screenshot... comments are never gonna load for me.
When using proxy... I can get to the 'comments' section but not open a 'reply'... too many scripts at work.

I took the 'outsource' villain to be something called About which I can find zero info. I could be wrong about that ... keep us up to date if you track anything more.

Anybody else able to open their profile/comments?