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— by new game new game
if only we knew? we do and that is why i visit your sight. confirmation.
they are no longer behind closed doors- a coming out to host the devolution,
ongoing. the fortunate s, many amongst, share our innocence of the day.
i have built my own mental wall so these fuks get very little of my brain,
other than knowing who the true enemy is. bel, you have provided me that pot of reality at the end of the rainbow!
I am near enough to stop looking skyward anymore. the sights are fixed on outcomes as this roils.

on a another note, there is no religion that prevails my thoughts, only the righteous principles
some espouse for daily use in life...
even the native indians had their short comings.
the power greater than ourselves is oneself to organize in groups-use it or lose  to the demonic undercurrent pulling
weak individuals to the lowest common denominators you aptly describe.
more thanks...