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Re: "BEING AND ERRANCY" - Imminent Deja Vu - n Tyler too! Dead Ahead! all over agin!
— by WhatMeWorry WhatMeWorry
Heh, heh, heh...
So now I discovered how to find you quickly over at zerocred. I simply did an article search for Turkey, set sort by to "newest", then on the comments set viewing options to "worst" - har-har! then did a <CTRL F> for yer handle and voila! - thar ye be down the list a bit Skipper. Guess I'll be doing a bit of this with search terms of country and leader names from the middle east etcetera...


1 day ago
Yeah... funny shit that.

Seems the only folks don't 'hate Americans' are those who tried for years to warn them ...

against the traitors in their midst... and the psyops those same scamsters had created to fool them into cheering for their own demise.

Funny how those who only wish Americans well are the despised/scorned voices here in Pootieville.

Funny how boomerangs work... like hate, scorn n malice liberally dished towards all who dare disagree... they have a way of workin their way

back to sender.

Wiggle, wormbouys. This here guided missile is locked upon your Urassian portals