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Yes! And ... ummm... maybe.

Most definitely fits together with "Aryan" invasions. Somewheres in the body of a recent post here I referenced a bunch of angry guys flooding out of central asia, in search of booty and an angry god to give 'sacrifice to.' Of those who made it to India... contact with the original indigenes was along the lines of the usual 'heavily single sexed dispersal' pattern.

As for the 'payback' part - it is claimed that at least one of the 'original' israelite tribes was native to India... the details however escape me at the moment, so I cannot refer to more specific possibilities.

Just to be sure I understand. Are you saying 'traced Dravidians' to working with the phoenicians?

A big part of my 'book' is supposed to be about the arrival and effect of those drifters/grifters. And a large part of what I'm attempting to do with the blog space right now, is set the stage for the transition to that theme.