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Apologies for the way I worded it, what I meant to say was that I have continually come across pieces of information that seem to indicate that our usual suspects were working hand in hand with the Phoenicians at the least and the possibility of the two actually being brothers in blood or of the same people.

My main obsession of the last year and a half or two has been the tracking or honing in on the original breeding pit of the destroyers. My main reason for doing so was to try to comprehend the reasoning behind their extreme hatred for those of European heritage. It started with me stumbling upon the Kalergi Plan which you are probably already aware of, but from several of the writings of the Talmudists I saw what seemed to be an extra dose of hatred toward people we commonly call white/European today, especially the Germans.

This hatred seems to stem from something that happened in the past as the amount of genocidal and disgusting crimes they have committed against Europeans in the last 2,000 years is incredible. It almost seems as if they are really toying with us and savoring every moment compared to the other peoples these demons have destroyed in the past. So naturally there must have been something we did that made them exceedingly angry with us. My initial thoughts were the Roman empire destroying Carthage which was supposedly a satellite of the Phoenicians and Talmudist's as well as the destruction of their temple. I also believe it has to do with some grievances during the Bronze age where they held a copper trade monopoly virtually everywhere and some older tribes/nations of European peoples didn't like this group of people lording over them with their proto-New World Order. I feel that there might be even more to this than what I've stated though and am looking for all the clues I can get. As you probably know their MO is to breed with other people to raise children that look like the indigenous population they wish to destroy. The problem with this is that it makes it hard to register what these people originally looked like and where they came from.

The reason I brought up the Dravidians is that I found it odd that the symbol these people use to represent themselves is the Hexagram or seal of Saturn and this seal is littered all throughout the world and very much in areas that were/are Buddhist/Hindu. Also many of the hand signs they use in Freemasonry and other secret societies are very similar or the same as the Mudras used in Buddhism.

I will try to write some more later, i'm sorry if this is all a disorganized mess but my eyes tire and need some rest.