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It started with me stumbling upon the Kalergi Plan which you are probably already aware of, but from several of the writings of the Talmudists I saw what seemed to be an extra dose of hatred toward people we commonly call white/European today, especially the Germans.
Right on the money! Indeed... the central focus of upcoming "End of the Line" Pt 2.

So naturally there must have been something we did that made them exceedingly angry with us. My initial thoughts were the Roman empire destroying Carthage which was supposedly a satellite of the Phoenicians and Talmudist's as well as the destruction of their temple. I also believe it has to do with some grievances during the Bronze age where they held a copper trade monopoly virtually everywhere and some older tribes/nations of European peoples didn't like this group of people lording over them with their proto-New World Order. I feel that there might be even more to this than what I've stated though and am looking for all the clues I can get

Now you've really gone n done it! Yes and yesser.... Ho down... with Donnie Messer!

Even further back than that 'copper monopoly' we be goin... far into the depths of southern Siberia... when I get refocussed back on the book project. 

Good stuff all!
Meanswhile... I finally got my missing 2016 post to load. I like this summation in particular. 

It's at the core of where we need look next. Before heading even further back.

Behind all the smokescreens of Judaist/Zionist/Israeli posturing, the essence of what confronts us now as deadly peril to our continuance is just this strange outgrowth of Khazarian/Russo-Turkic/Eastern European/Ashkenazi racial mysticism. It'sinfluence has brought about world wars, the downfall of Kings and Empires,and changed the social dimension of our existence to such an extent as to bethe single most powerful force in our world of today. All hidden and directedfrom behind a screen of dupes, frontmen, and media lackeys