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The Boyz Ar Back! Ratatatdat!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
The prescription was clear:
At the same time that a massive amount of confusion, deceit, and war like posturings would fill up the news about Syria and the Idlib campaign...
a second front of combat would assail the Philander-in-Chief on the domestic side. And... here we go!


When we first met the boyz who EMBODY the term Russo-talmudic mafiya which I generously employ on these pages in order to characterize the people behind most of the psyops which we encounter now in the course of a day...

Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse (of the totally 'non-kosher' kind!) Look out below!

for some readers it was likely their first gaze upon the mugs of thugs whose TURKIC-TALMUDIC backgrounds are the veritable MISSING PIECE O THE BIG PUZZLE behind geopolitics... in action! Guys like Felix, Arif, Emin, and the cast of dozens of other gangsters from the hinterlands of central asian parts formerly belonging to the USSR

are judaic TURKS. And as such, a hidden element of the ashkenazi puzzle which - as I have recently noted here - I am on the verge of shedding LIGHT upon ... for really... the first time ever! In addition to being bigtime supporters/donors of Sraeal in general... and Chabad Lubavitch madness in particular, one other common characteristic of this 'RAT PACK' stands out to our gaze. Yes... they hold "russian" passports. In 'reality'... they are not Russians. But...

Yes. You guessed it. They are all bosom buddies of THE JUDAICALLY BORN DONALD C DRUMPF. aka Donald Trump. Which never seemed to matter much to most... till ...right about NOW! When,

"Aras Agalarov, an oligarch and real estate developer, is friends with both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Eleven days after the Trump Tower meeting this man had more than $19 million wired from an offshore account, which then went to his son and two of his friends, who attended the Trump Tower meeting. Another $1.2 million was sent to Agalarov’s son, from Russia to New Jersey, soon after the election. The account had not been used since 2015, so a red flag went up when the account became active shortly after Trump’s election."

word is finally seeping out bout the way that "OUR BOY" donny WAS A RECIPIENT OF our boyz "the RATPAKERS" LAUNDERED $ IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE FAMOUS TRUMP TOWER MEETING.

Long ago and far away... I tolds yas all that Felix, Arif, Aras, and Emin, et al... would be the cause of dRUMPTys' downfall. But. butt... you did not believe me.

So. As usual. While the tards will gnash their spiky molars and accuse me of "gloating"... I will simply report the repeat of the news which I brought you considerably in advance of it becoming 'News'... as per us-ual...

and sit back and wait - for the usual suspects to shout "who coulda known" ... "who coulda seen it comin~>?"

Dat's all folks!