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— by J J
Yes, high country and well inland. Creeks, but not enough flow to get into hydroelectric. I have heard some more mini-sized versions but one has to layout how much they can generate versus cost-of-production. The ambient electric is present. I've got high enough trees here to hide any skyward array I build. And the choppers who do periodic fly-bys are looking for pot growers. LOL.

Battery stuff is where the rubber needs to meet the road, no pun intended. Am curious as to what the `allies' found in Iraq in this regards as the ancients there had vats that functioned as both capacitors and batteries. Impossible to find out `truth' in these matters so one has to follow intuitive trails and not splash out too much cash without provable results.

IF, IF, the solar minimum cycle is accurate, solar cells will become 40% or so less productive depending on one's latitude. Keep that in mind and you may already be feeling the effects of their diminished returns. Getting a job in the patent office may be a good investment. It worked well for Einstein! LOL.