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First news in from Waterloo!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Like clockwork:

When I wrote here - some four days ago -
"At the same time that a massive amount of confusion, deceit, and war like posturings would fill up the news about Syria and the Idlib campaign...
a second front of combat would assail the Philander-in-Chief on the domestic side. And... here we go!"

I could see that Syrian skies were soon going to be filled with "even moar" lies...
but I could not foresee just how quickly we would skree yet another trip around the bases for the ARMY OF BOB.

And while I'm having more and more trouble getting onto that board, to complete my demolition derby... the odd time I can squeak a comment in, I use it to the max. Today, for example -

on a thread where the "southfront" scammers tried to spin the campaign in the north... any ol way but true... I quickly blew ... a gasket, then put this thru the basket.

Well, I couldn't capture the whole thing with the screenshot... but the rest is - allow me to say humbly - I think my best effort to date to sum up the Syrian situation so simply that even a mind-wiped merkian ceptionalist cannot but get the picture!

Bob is my screen name... or part of it, you see... on the infamous talmudic kabbalist blog I often refer to here as the very heart of the grand scam by which the west falls into the hands of its worst enemies. And here we are, not a week later, and the wheels are indeed falling offa the WHOLE TRICYLE which I stated a while back here it would be my aim to finish demolishing.

I've not been allowed to get back on, since then, to respond to the announcement that ... as per my precis repeated here near ad nauseam  ... srael has indeed just knocked the snot outta the last pretension of the tard nation that "R\uss/ia is anything but a paper tiger satrapy of the $power.

Stay tuned... as I revv up for -yet another- warp speed drive into the really real...
part two:Trifecta! ARMY OF BOB does the PENNINSULAR CAMPAIGN - all over agin! 

I can smell the blood of an army of russo-talmudic tards... just waiting for a sharks' tooth to sink into!
 Me- in my Berber 'going to battle' get up... preparing for lift off!