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— by WhatMeWorry WhatMeWorry
Thanks Bob, er - Bell, er - Bell Bob!
I just saw this over at ZH and thought - nice, now I don't have to wade through endless anal-Isis of the quagmire that is your aptly named muddled east. If what you have written here is correct, then the whole movie has been spoiled with your trailer.

A very nice, concise summary this:

spare yourselves more public embarrassment... and shut up n learn something. Here's how it has always worked:

sreael created an army of jihadists which a coalition of its puppet faux islamic states supplied and maintains in the field.

srael took over the two former "superpowers"  via control of their puppet "presidents"... already owns the asses of the phony farsis in I-ran... destroyed Iraq and looks to finish its plans for regional hegemony in Syria.  Neither Drumpf nor Pootie maintain any shred of executive authority in any of this. The script is written - only crisis actors need apply.

Once you digest all that... we are caught up... and can proceed - without need - of further pointless exercises in russo-talmudic spin.

over n out!