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Think! Don't Blink. Or you'll miss the story behind the story
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
As promised previous... a brief rejoinder is in order to the proffered propaganda from certain parties associated with "POOTIE IS OUR LEADER" faction of the Russo-talmudic fan club. As in, the "FT RUSS" piece I quoted from in the last post. Wherein, the lead off reads...

"Russia appears to be involved in an appropriate and strategically prudent disinformation campaign to avoid any further irreparable damage in Franco-Russian relations."

Appropriately enough.... Russo-talmudic media apologists appear to have decided that their best course is to at last admit that Russia uses 'strategically prudent disinformation campaign[s]... as a way of saving face in a plethora of embarrassing fiascos for its pretensions to being a 'world class' superpower!

Unfortunately, their way of going about spinnin the new 'party line' is so pathetically inept... that we have to wonder if the 'opoid-crisis' has now leapt across the ocean to attack Russ! Somehow... as of a sudden... the whole world turns upon "Franco-Russian relations>?" Really? France - a third rate power which has been a total lackey of the $power for going on a generation now... has to be excused, covered up for, mollified, whatever, for committing a heinous crime(allegedly)

when, in actuality, it is the bizarre dissonance that exists in the Russians own internal dialogue on the matter which needs be 'covered up, excused, whatever!'

While Pootie tries to downplay the fact that the talmudic HQ in Urusalem just delivered him the ultimate dressing down... via downing a bird wearing his countries' colors, we read

"“Israel is fully responsible for the crash of the Russian Il-20 military aircraft off the coast of Syria and the death of its crew”, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu stated."

Yupper! The latest installment in our super duper pooper scooper damage control extravaganza -

by Jonathan Azaziah

require several 'blinks' to take aboard... as one gazes with astonishment at the sheer 'chutzpah' of it all! "Jonathan"... a veteran pro-Palestine pal and \anti semitic\ semiotician whose screeds I used to enjoy, when they were still somewhat 'fresh' so to speak is clearly trying to outdo the talmudists at their own game.

Pootie don't blink... as Natty nails his ass with another anal purgative is how the 'between the lines interpretation needs read. And desperate TARDNATIONAL pootie-pushers don't 'think' neither... as they reach for the next dose of whatever will ease the pain of their COMPLETE PSYCHIC DISMEMBERMENT!

You know that real desperation has set in, when.... the story of Erdogan ordering his forces to drop a Russian plane ... and then suffering through a year of pain... before capitulation in the form of a groveling apology to the offended nation... gets spun into a tale of how 'coupist pilot' took aim at that same plane which brave Turkey suddenly turned into a silk purse by getting allied with Moscow!

You can't make this stuff up... because it comes from down below... where the sun don't shine!

It's all falling to pieces. All o'er agin.
Time to 'back up the truck'... right over the prostrate bodies of the \army of TARDNATION/ which lies at our feet.

As with last winters' tour de force of forceful TRUTH IN MEDIA blitzkreig by Bob...

all o'er agin!