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Finally had the chance to work through that "hooch over archangel" thread... 
it's really quite hilarious, in some ways even more so than a typical Saker thread. All these extremely EARNEST americkanskis and assorted riff raff... all pontificating on stuff which will always skirt the truth... because they start [witting or unwittingly]from a confirmation bias which eliminates any ability to sort through data in search of empirical conclusions. 
My fave is the dude Jackrabbit - who does a much better job of the rest of the mind-controlled minions there to read from facts instead of script. His inherent limitations - even with the best of intentions posited - show up when he tries to figure out how Srael and Erdo could be 'working together'.... and comes up just shy of 2+2=4!
So we have a new question to ponder: Did Israel attack to buttress Erdogan's claim to Idlib?

Your reponse #386 was excellent -  I repost it here for the convenience of other readers: 

@The Cynic

We are all literate enough to ask our own pointless questions to deflect from the issue at hand and otherwise waste bandwidth.

Fact Number 1 is, the Turks, the Americans and the Russians de facto carved up Syria: the Turks get Afrin and Idlib (northwestern Syria). The Americans have invaded and occupied northeastern Syria with the vast majority of the productive oil fields. And the Russians got their warm water naval base and an airfield adjacent to the Mediterranean.

Fact Number 2 is, Russia never even asked the Americans or the Turks to leave Syria which the Russians themselves admit is illegally occupied by the aforementioned countries. We're not talking about fighting to force them to leave. The Russians are not even just nicely *asking* them to vacate occupied Syrian lands simply by bringing up the matter in UN Security Council. Just talking about this matter is not going to cause WWIII like the CIA Jewish trolls keep repeating.

Fact Number 3, Russia has been ruled by Jewish Bolsheviks and their descendants since at least the murder of Nicholas II. Read Solzhenitsyn. Solzhenitsyn was a captain in the Soviet Red Army. He personally experienced the degradation and dehumanization of the Russian people at the hand of the Bolshevik Jews and their collaborators like Stalin. Read what the Red Army soldiers did to 2 million young German girls, especially in the German border town of Neustettin on February 16, 1945:

When you realize that Turkey has been ruled by the Jewish Donmeh [ organized and perpetrated the genocide of the first Christian nation of history, the Armenians whom the Jews perceived as their competitors] for the last 100 years; the Russians have been ruled over by the Jews since the Bolshevik uprising; and the US has been ruled by the same crypto Jewish elements colloquially referred to as Freemasons and such; it becomes clear that all three nations are doing the bidding of their Talmudic Jewish masters and NOT pursuing policies compatible with their respective national interests.

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