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Poutin Pootie Pushers Get Pooched - all o'er agin!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
As the last tattered dregs of the once proud ARMY OF TARDANATION straggle into our sight/sites...
the grizzled guerrilleros of the ARMY OF BOB can afford themselves a moment of quiet reflection, on the irony of it all.

Gomers who vigorously & voraciously vocalized their wish for America's demise are all too soon about to see their "dream" come true... in nightmarish fashion...


instead of waking one day to news that their hero - the lil Saruman with pretensions of becoming a mighty force like that of Mordor in the s e Med - they will be jolted out of slumber to discover themselves delivered ... into the hands of the force which they thought to toy with... and now will become 'torture toys' of instead! And in place o -yet another- 'VICTORY PARADE" WE can watch in glee as they variously bail... flail... o try to hail... the last chopper offa the roof of a towering inferno once the monument to the monumental ego of a "modestly endowed gent" who turned out to be ... not 'gentile' at all!

Yes, Master Tolkiens' brilliance in characterizing the fate of "muddled earth" as a epic battle tween light and darkness... full of malice, deceit, betrayal... and the occasional dab of ol fashioned 'heroism', has never seemed so vivid as of the present moment. The real face of evil... kabbalist talmudism in action, of course... has had its' challengers over time... the half-orcling Hitler, another half judaic Stalin... and now... a mischlinger half caster by the name o Vlad! Bad Vlad had at last simply stared into the palantir too many times... and instead of his completing plans to tame the eye staring back at him... has now himself fallen into the power of the force which laughs at all such pretenders.

Poutin Pootie Pushers Get Pooched - all o'er agin!Bibis' new prize Pootle... who's groomin whom gomers?

And an army of orclings which he and his media machinery created.... out o what once were Merikanski mensch... have started to waver, wonder and worry with the dread feeling that their day in the "black" sun may have been nothing more than a fantasy! OY! Not even their imported sex dolls can save them now... from a fate as bitchez of a bastard race of evil doers.

Bobs' many warnings unheeded...">Precession of simulacra – the new TenochititlanAnd when the Empires’ military might dwindles further, when it is no longer possible for it to maintain the foreign administrative outposts which process death and manage the drug pipelines, inevitably the circle of sacrifice will close in on itself, inside the empire, the consensus of shared guilt added on to the previous consensus of necessity for blood, so that it is acceptable for the new victims to be found from amongst it’s own citizens – “each challenge, each voice differing from the consensus – even if it is only symbolic and without military muscle – becoming an insufferable threat to the dimly held hope that it might yet, even in the face of impossible odds, be possible to expunge life’s calamities…. In this scenario hope dwindles but fear persists – like a man who has ceased to believe in God but who still fastidiously observes every religious ritual for fear of being condemned to Hell.”(On Leaving and Being Left Stephen H. Jones

But when everything is repressed, nothing is anymore. We are not far from this absolute point of repression where the stockpiles are themselves undone, where the stockpiles of phantasms collapse. The whole imaginary of the stockpile, of energy, and of what remains of it, comes to us from repression. When repression reaches a point of critical saturation where its presence is put in question, then energy will no longer be available to be liberated, spent, economized, produced: it is the concept of energy itself that will be volatilized of its own accord.” Baudrilllard pg 96 S&S

    There you have it. A completely coherent prediction of the manner in which Amerika would fall prey to the erosion of its ‘reality’ and ability to save itself from becoming a hollowed out simulation of itself, its’ citizens victims of a vast self imposed loss of innocence and subsequent purgatory in an orgy of blood sacrifice and self destruction. Need it have happened? Hard to say. Has it already happened? You be the judge!

watching these suckas bleeding and bleating might be thought to be giving me a laugh. But behind all of the merriment and mirth of seeing poltroons hoisted pon their own petards... a darker thought forms within.

Now that Bibi has dropped the pretender from the East right down into the torture chambers of Mordor... and ALL the satrapies of the west are subdued... cowering like beaten dogs in a corner...

he is free at last to turn his malevolent attentions to the final phase.
Twilight of the West

"Because in the wings is waiting to appear the true face of both the deception behind the phony coup and those who made it happen. And while it will be hidden for a while longer- via storylines about "the BRICS" & Russia as peacemaker and global savior, a new multipolar era, etc., etc., behind the carefully crafted media narrative the real face of international terror is ready to step onto the stage as the new power uber-alles. The ZATO alliance which I have spoken about the reality of for the past couple of months is going to become not only de facto, soon enough, but also de jure. But first, the world must turn upon a wounded and self-absorbed USA."

As predicted way back when... there was still time to pull irons outta fires - it is the innocent who will now suffer too. As the longish timeline of a noble experiment in freedom and human bean-ness draws to a close... those of the present generation[s]in the wester world who let all the sacrifice and accomplishment of the forbears all slip all in one sustained 50 year orgy of consumerish 'real estate or death' materialist madness...

will be remembered by the few soul survivors who took ship from the Havens...

as the traitors to our cause... our race... our beginnings... as beams of light sent from afar away in search o dark corners to illuminate! 

Heck of a job - BROWNIES!  

A media-driven orgy of guilt and self-defeating celebration of the end of the real will accompany the final stage of collapse by which the west falls victim to its own 'social media' tools of mass deception.

- Mike Nomad - neo-journalist and really real 'outlaw' - 2016

postscript: is there a 'hobbit' in the house? Damned if we don't need one more than e'er before!