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— by Maestro Maestro Maestro Maestro
The Saker under pressure..

He now feels compelled to publicly state that he hates Israel as much as the next guy 'but, but, but...

'Israelis are not infallible and must have made a mistake by using the downed Russian plane as a shield against incoming Syrian SAMs --  simply because [now hold on] the Israelis have nothing to gain by doing so?'

Yes, please someone tell me what the Jews gain by screwing up the world we all live in, and by trying to make everyone but themselves miserable?  There is no reason for installing an apartheid state in the center of the Middle East as there is nothing good to be gained (sic) by doing so, is there?

Psychopaths torture and kill people because they *like* it, not because they have something positive to gain from the experience, you moron.

Let's see if he's going to post this message of mine:

The Real Question

The Israelis have *publicly* admitted that the Israelis attacked Syria 200 times and destroyed Syrian military assets and Syrian infrastructure, and killed countless Syrians and Syrian allies


The Russians arrived in Syria.

So the real question is and remains,

*What* do the Russians and the Putin faction *gain* by allowing, thus enabling, the Jews and the Americans to bomb Syria with impunity?

Thanks for posting this message.

The link is: