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Re: NXIVM - part TWO: INVERTS/INVERSIONS\AVERSIONS(to the Ladies) - A Catamites Bible o Bile!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Hi Maestro:
I'm going to accept your question as a valid one; on the premise that you will accept my answer as equally valid - whether it appeals to you or not. Any flipping out... of the kind which I have previously indulged you in twice... will result in the closure of this channel of communication... fo'ever! Rational disputation is welcome... anything which lands below that bar will be summarily rejected. Most of what I will place here could already have been sussed out by A CLOSE & DILIGENT reading of the previous ... which I put together expressly after being closely questioned in a similar vein. At that juncture, I was more than happy to apologize for any lack of diligence of my own in distinguishing the frankist sabbateans from ALL OTHER strains of judaic mischief. At this one... I will not apologize - either for a singular lack of follow through on the part of those same readers for whom I made that effort, nor for a lack of presentation of boundaries. Thanks for your kind attention to my precise meaning chum.

Why do you distinguish between Talmudic/Kabbalistic Judaism and more familiar and more familiar forms of Judaism like the orthodox and the Reform schools?
Not all who call themselves 'jews' have an adherence to the filth called 'the talmud.' An obvious case in point would be the Karaites, who are relatively well known, but there were many other anti-rabbincal movements in the course of the Babylonian judeans reshaping what had been the practice of 'sraelite' religion, both before  and after their return to palestine(the first time!)
Similarly, not all who practice what is called "judaism" are in any way enamored of the demonology contained in what is termed kabbala.... a tradition of necromantic dabblings which as I have carefully explained, has its roots in times far before 'the invention of  the jewish people.' Sumerian and Babylonian necromancy spread out from Mesopotamia in both east and west directions - ergo - as this currrent series is designed to show... 'kabbalism' shows up in a variety of places.... under many different 'banners,' and of course, sometime with nary a mention of 'jews' and judaism as  part of its' legacy. It's really a side issue for my purposes, however, your putative point of suggesting 'orthodox and/or reform judaism enter into my calculations here. Of course all of those varieties have kabbistic talmudism well sunk into their schtick... it's just a matter of degree... and form. 

My work, in contrast, has been to bring to bear the significance and vital DIFFERENCE between F-S ism and ALL other forms of 'judaism'... so that the potential 'anti-kabbalist' is made aware of the very DIALECTICAL method of their interaction... 
as both competitors and allies... as a united front and inimical enemy to each other... and as the means by which 'synthesis' has been achieved in the present ascendancy of talmudic kabbalism uber alles - worldwide! It is anything but an easy subject to bring to rational examination... I will modestly tell you that I've done a better job of it so far than anyone else working in the field. For which I will invite your commendations... NOT condemnations.

The Talmud is the common foundation of ALL forms of Judaism.  Kabbalists, Frankists/Sabbateans and Orthodox Jews all follow the Talmud.
Factually challenged remark. The Torah remains the foundation of all 'judaisms'...of which Frankists/Sabbateans are NOT A PART. Any more that the "Church of the Later Day Saints could be said to be part of the "Christian" community. The rebbes deliberately formulated the talmudic doctrines in order to wrangle themselves freedom from basic tenets of the original doctrine which they found confining to their inveterate compulsions to LIE... STEAL... PILLAGE...OR RAPE. To this end, in those sects in which they - rabbinicals - have pre-eminent authority, the torah is downplayed, denigrated... or just plain ignored.  To say the least, this does not find favor with all sects of judaics, just as not all 'jews' are 'sionists' or believed it time to create a new 'srael' in 1948/ however... the kabbalist talmudic cause has been clever in creating a sense of common allegiance among all those who think of themselves 'jews' by creating a phony 'anti-semitism with which to cudgel them into obedience to the sionist cause. 

 The Talmud is the supreme authority for all Jews.  As you know, all Jews believe that the Talmud is even more authoritative than God Himself who they claim Himself consults the Talmud to gain wisdom.
The talmud is the supreme authority for all judaics who follow talmudic teachings in abeyance of torah law. As part of their schtick,talmudists will attempt to convince people - and apparently have suceeded in convincing you - that ALL judaics embrace that authority too. Sorry. The suggested close reading off my previously proferred link will provide the proof of what I have undertaken to demonstrat here. I will not be going to the time and expense of extracting the pertinent parts to place here for your convencience. If you find my course of action in this regard objectionable, then I suggest that there are far more suitable places on the net to give voice to ones incessant demands to be coddled and catered to.

But ... I'm going with the belief that your request was a calm, ever tempered return to the Maestro we once knew... and that you will be temperant in turn, with any responses to the person who has entertained your less lucid moments here will exacting patience! We have a common cause, it seems... for myself, I prefer to place that above all personality issues. Now, I must get back to work on pressing matters.