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Re: NXIVM - part TWO: INVERTS/INVERSIONS\AVERSIONS(to the Ladies) - A Catamites Bible o Bile!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Greetings Maestro.

A lot to chew on in your missive. But, because the employment of 'logic' within it is so 'upsidedown,' let me start from... the bottom. 

Wherein.... you repeat the point that - as is true - you've pumped the site more than the site owner himself has! For which, of course, I am grateful to you. Since however, that seems to have established in your mind some kind of quid pro quo, whereby, 

in exchange for some gratis public relations work you should be expected to be indulged in any and every kind of calumny and/or distortion... we need to establish something right off the bat. Outside of philosophy school.... talmudic legalism, or other places of recondite conditioning of the human brain such that common sense gets shunted aside for a specious purpose... 
that's NOT how anything works.

And while I'm also grateful for your offering me the chance for some 'self-reflection,' as it pertains to possible familial antecedents, i am compelled to return that favor, by suggesting to you that several elements of your style of argumentation - most particularly your reliance upon ... numbers/demographics[re your insistence that only weight of present day numbers can determine the existence and./or legitimacy of authentic anti-rabbincalism within judaic tradition]... pure sophistry, logical fallacy fallacy piled upon unbacked assertion... etc., etc., would lead one to conclude that your own background must include some element of the blood of 'accountants,' the gold-smith... the number worshiper, and other features of the pharisee caste! 

Yes, you can 'take it to the bank,' so to speak... that when someone launches a very personal attack upon me... I invariably will.... 'take it personally.' Apparently, you still have not been able to bring yourself to review your remarks from last May... in which you used the comments section here to launch an \'arbitrary and unwarranted'\ diatribe and attempted threadjack...
in the light of my repeated efforts to help you see that such pyschotic meltdowns are 'over the line' here.... instead, interpreting my patience and forbearance as some kind of proof that I have accepted your quid pro quo arrangement. In truth, it is because of the insight which the live time examples of yourself and other contributors offer me that I tolerated such unwarranted attack; I use the space as a kind of laboratory to gauge the extent to which my premise as to the degree an ongoing descent into mind-controlled talmudic hell realms is taking place in the psyches of even the most stalwart of mensch trapped in the fallen lands!

As I've described it here in the past - your journeys into and out of relative lucidity are a firm proof of my precis... I neither condemn nor sanction such nonsense as may present in outpourings resulting from that pyschic phenomena which places once aware and honest correspondents in the grip of an unseen and [to themselves]unknown program by which they are used a tools of that very same power that they imagine themselves resistors to! 

When you are in a lucid state. in other words, Maestro... I enjoy your sallies on Sakers site and other contributions... and see you as an ally in that respect. When that state is replaced by one of serial projection, covert malice, and efforts to degrade the sites integrity as an authentic challenge to talmudic mind control... I note the change and regard you as operating in that format instead. 

I don't make much of an effort to 'market' my site due to the particulars of my character and thought process; for me, one good exchange with a tuned in and really real correspondent here... as sometimes takes place... is worth 20000 eyeballs. It was the purpose behind setting up this platform, you see, to give me access to the reflections of others as an aid to my own work - the book project! And it has succeeded magnificently... with such paucity of 'marketing,' If you feel that the spreading of such truths as are made apparent on this are worth spreading to the wider world, by all means continue to do so; if your intent on the other hand is to use such voluntary work as a wedge by which to work into this site an agenda which is antithetical to the cause of anti-kabbalism... you should know now that it ain't gonna happen.  

I'd be happy to give my detailed reflection on the rest of your screed, once we've established for all time that the above is now clearly understood. For now, I'll close with just one reflection upon it...
which is that it's rather hilarious you should choose to use a quote from chabad lubavitchers as the 'gold standard' defintion of 'what makes a jew!' But... it gave me an epiphany of sorts; you seem to have given up on the doomed effort to attempt to convinc me - against all that evidence I have assembled - that frankist sabbateanism is to be included 'within the ranks' of what is definably 'judaism'... that is a small amount of progress which allows me in turn the following realization... 

as the frankist cult was an institutionalization of 'satanism' in the body of judaic heretical movements... some two centuries previous... it took all the subsequent time for it to be inserted fully into the body of what you term 'mainstream judaism'... which happened by the vector of frankism being combined with the hasidic cult and then expressing the amalagam via lubavitch lunacy... which is... I posit...
'satanic talmudic demonology' in action! 
Can we agree to 'countenance' all the possibilities I herein mention? 
Yes?..... No?... Maybe... I don't know.... I'm going to share some of personal thoughts now"... oH. I'm going to share some news with ya bud! ALL of your comment was an expression of 'personal thoughts'... as in 'opinions'... not just the part you wished to be seen as such. Who's zoomin whom here buddy?

As per my precis that actual forms of kabbalist talmudism share motifs and origins of common origin with other necromantic traditions - such as tantic buddhism... 
.  “According to a sixteenth-century kabbalist [R.
Moshe Cordovero], the whole process of emanation
can be described as the successive impregnations and
births of the sephirot from one another, beginning
with Causa Causarum and ending with the last
sephirah.” Moshe Idel, “Sexual Metaphors and Praxis
in the Kabbalah,”

"arbitrary and unwarranted"
put a sock in it pal.
to your health, Maestro!

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On Tuesday, September 25, 2018 2:55 PM, Maestro Maestro [via Geopolitics Behind the Mask] <[hidden email]> wrote:


Thanks for the response.

The real Jews or the original Hebrews -- meaning a people with a distinct genotype and from the same population inhabiting the same geographical area -- were kicked out of the lands they occupied (which the Jews had conquered through committing genocide on the original inhabitants of said lands, the Canaanites) by the Romans two millennia ago and were scattered across the continents; thus annihilated at least as a distinct race and ethnicity.  So what makes a Jew a Jew today is not his race but his witting association with {or, in the case of an atheist, his nonrepudiation of and partial deference to} the Jewish religion.  This attribute incidentally the Karaites themselves, by definition, share with the mainstream Rabbinical Jews.  From the horse's mouth:

Yes, there are Jewish sects like the Karaites and Neturei Karta who appear to be more reasonable and relatively benign peoples in contrast to mainstream Talmudic Jews.  But they are an inconsequential minority among Jews, and who's to say they are not just another ruse concocted to mislead and confuse the hapless goyim thereby rendering them virtually defenseless against Talmudic Jews by diffusing their vigilance?  Let's be aware of the possibility of a Judaic variation on the good cop, bad cop ploy here.

Even though I personally find it absurd and conflicted for the reasons stated above, there are many Jews who call themselves atheists, true.  But even these atheist Jews do not fundamentally reject nor challenge the validity nor the legitimacy of the Jewish religion per se.  For in the end, paradoxically, the very religion they dismiss as their guiding principle in life, is the only thing that binds them together and underlies their assertion of a distinct Jewish identity and ethnicity.  

(If you know of something else that makes a Jew a Jew, please let me know.  With the caveat that mere assertions = false arguments.)


I understand that you believe that Kabbalism is an extension of a
more ancient sinister cult than Judaism proper; one which has grafted itself uninvited onto the Judaic religion perhaps at the latter's expense and discomfit.

But your arbitrary and unwarranted dissection of these two now nevertheless fused together and unified traditions makes it appear as though Kabbalism somehow hijacked Judaism which was a pure and innocent religion before the Kabbalists piggybacked on it to further their distinct evil purposes.  

Indubitably, Judaism was, and is, evil in its unmitigated hatred of the rest of mankind.  

Not even the Karaites nor the Neturei Karta types openly and seriously challenge their "chosenness" which gives them the right to practice genocide on the goyim when necessary, do they?  Judaism is the original codification and institutionalization of racism.  Judaism *is* racism.  You only have to take a peek at the Talmud -- or the Torah, for that matter -- and read a few pages of history to see that.  So I would posit that it is rather mainstream Rabbinical Talmudic Judaism which has absorbed, assimilated and  molded to its purposes more ancient esoteric practices (which you associate with Kabbalism) most of which at least pretended to have some form of enlightenment or betterment as their ultimate goal -- in contrast to Judaism's stated purpose of world domination through racism-fueled genocide and mayhem.

Bel, you noted: "Factually challenged remark. The Torah remains the foundation of all 'judaisms'..."

Yet, all mainstream rebbes representing the *majority* of the Jews will attest to the supreme authority of the Talmud in private and at least tangentially, in public, by conceding that the Torah cannot be understood without the Talmud.  What the rebbes really think of the Talmud becomes apparent in light of the Rabbinical doctrine that God Himself consults the Talmud to gain knowledge and wisdom, which betrays the rabbis belief that the Talmud is ultimately more authoritative than God Himself, therefore evincing primacy over God!

You continue: "To this end, in those sects in which they - rabbinicals - have pre-eminent authority, the torah is downplayed, denigrated... or just plain ignored.  To say the least, this does not find favor with all sects of judaics"

You're right, Bel.  But the *majority* of Jews are closer to the Talmudic Rabbinical tradition that you despise.  Either by belief:

Or numbers:

Or by virtue of their worldview and general attitude:

One good Jew does not atone for 100,000 real Jews.

Ask yourself: have you met one Jew, left, right or center, who seriously challenged the existence and legitimacy of apartheid state Israel?  

And before that, you wrote: "I will modestly tell you that I've done a better job of it so far than anyone else working in the field. For which I will invite your commendations... NOT condemnations."

Hey, Bel, I've plastered the entire alternative internet with links to your stuff.  Quoting someone countless times counts as a commendation instead of a condemnation, doesn't it?  

I'm going to share some of personal thoughts now.  Perhaps you have some Jewish blood, Bel, and this renders you naturally defensive in the discussion of things Jewish?  Resulting in the subliminal inclination to subtly whitewash and exonerate Judaism by juxtaposing it to, thence de facto disassociating it from, Kabbalism, Frankism et al?  Or perhaps you are wary of being labeled an antisemite with the concomitant degradation of perceived credibility?  In any case, aren't you taking things a bit too personally at times?

Maybe, absolutely not -- neither.  I don't know.  

We can at least agree to countenance all these possibilities I hope?  You know I'm not your enemy.  I have lately endeavored to provide additional exposure for your blog all over the internet -- probably more than you have ever done it yourself, to the best of my knowledge.


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