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Re: NXIVM - part TWO: INVERTS/INVERSIONS\AVERSIONS(to the Ladies) - A Catamites Bible o Bile!
— by Maestro Maestro Maestro Maestro
Fine Bel,

Display your stupidity in public by asserting that tantric Buddhism and Talmudic Judaism have the same origin because they both share the same necromantic roots.

Arrogant idiot,

Buddha (as in the origin and raison d'ĂȘtre of so-called Buddhisms of any sort, including your beloved "tantric" Buddhism which is an artificial creation of western idiots such as yourself.  There is no such thing as "tantric Buddhism".  Google it, you idiot.) was AGAINST anything that complicated life therefore added to worldly suffering, including necromancy and witchcraft.  Therefore Buddha and his teachings have nothing to do with insidious depraved Jews who subscribe to the Talmud or Sabbatean-Frankism -- and you certainly sound like one of them in your "scholarly" attempt at conflating (qualified in any way) Buddhism and any sort of sick Jewish sect or religion.

I don't need to go further.  Your insistence on the existence of a nonexistent Buddhist religion, i.e. so-called "tantric" Buddhism, disqualifies you as a scholar or as a reasonable and honest person.  Go mention tantric Buddhism anywhere in Asia and you'll be laughed out of the room.

This bitch who calls himself Bel Suave says he refuses to engage me in debate only because I attacked him personally?

You little piece of shit arrogant and insidious tool,

YOU kept on insulting me and resorted to ad hominem attacks right from the start.  In contrast, I engaged you in a respectful and rational manner until now.

So go fuck yourself in your lonely and miserable little corner at the center of Sabbatean Genocide Central to your heart's content.  It's no wonder you have no friends nor colleagues you can can get along with.  And I'm certain your sex life consists of whatever pornographic materials you were able to smuggle into Turkey, pornography is forbidden there.

Yeah, we get it.  You're some kind of Jew or some creature with a similar mindset bent on confusing and misleading people with false teachings by lacing them with some degree of partial truths.

How much more Frankist, JEWISH and Talmudic can you get?

P.S. So how do you like the goats of Anatolia?