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Re: NXIVM - part TWO: INVERTS/INVERSIONS\AVERSIONS(to the Ladies) - A Catamites Bible o Bile!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Not worried to open links Eric.

But before I would comment on Hufschmids post...

there is quite a bit that went on in previous times with regard to the Semitic=Neanderthal proposition, indeed which rabbit hole I spent considerable time going down. It might be best to give you a couple of examples, so that should you wish - you can explore them yourself

Chief among the pushers of the jews are neanderthal meme was a certain Michael Bradley, who published in the 80s n 90s several intriguing books which bore titles such as "The Iceman Inheritance" "Chosen People from the Caucasus," Esaus' Empire", etc.

As you jog my memory of going through the phases of accepting his limited hangout, then breaking it down and critically examining it as YET ANOTHER disinfo storyline... its' useful to let you know that a considerable amount of new evidence has been provided by science as to the real nature of the "Neanderthals" ... and at the same time archeology has made some important advances in identifying previously unknown 'homos' populations which were parallel to our own supposed 'homo erectus' evolutionary trajectory.

In this regard, the work of Stan Gooch stands out, but the books are not as readily accessible as some other work which blows old stereotypes right out of the water.... this perhaps chief among them. And since I happen to share many of the now standardized physiological traits of that population .... "sloped foreheads" being prominently NOT AMONG THEM.... it has been fascinating to watch as the psyops of folks like Bradley (who claims to be half jewish)slip away into the dark night where buddies like our man Maestro go when the mask finally falls off!

Indeed, part of the book project pending will cover the topic of "homo georganicus" as a much more probable candidate for semitic origins. I'll also once again mention Klyosov in this regard, as his work on 'diffusionist" and "regionalist" evolutionary theory has decisively put the boots to the judaically inspired psyop that proposes 'we' all came out of Africa and are somehow related to monkeys. The wheels are falling offa that whole charade quickly now, as recently published pieces indicate that Darwins theory was pure dupery, and species evolution happened totally differently than when and how he proposed.

It's been quite a while since I checked into the work of guys like Eric Hufschmid... as his subtitle reads "Avoiding Zionist traps since 2002. Learn their tricks and join me!" ... its kind of sad and ironic that he and a whole pack of others were basically run down and degraded into cartoonish characters in th classic kabbalist manner of eliminating the truth tellers. I've said more often than I need to by now... or should need to...

you put your 'real' identity out there for all to see... we won't be 'seeing you' for very long as a really real witness to truth. Just look what happened to Maestro... after he foolishly and ego-centrically insisted on disclosing his identity while posing as a 'philosopher'!

Only with a great deal of care can one now pick through the work of your namesake Eric, Chris Boylan, and others who were once stellar performers. But one thing I can say with certainty, having gone the distance with learning the psy op ropes...

when you meet up with a character who insists that "all jews are born bad... and that means ALL jews are "bad" from birth"...

you are looking at in all probability a talmudickabbalist psyop. In sum... the physiological traits like foreheads which semitics of a certain breed seem to share are real... but have an origin really different from the one pushed by psyoperators of the pharisee kind.