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Re: NXIVM - part TWO: INVERTS/INVERSIONS\AVERSIONS(to the Ladies) - A Catamites Bible o Bile!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Good stuff all Maestro!

I like it much better when you drop the mask... and come outta the closet swingin, in your true gangsterish style! Indeed - I smile to see the angst which results from your realizing that any n all attempts to goad me will go nowhere. Been around the block with your type of operator, and your pretenses to civility do not fool me at all.

Goats you say? Most of our highland neighbors are indeed goat herders - simple and for the most part honest folk who make for much more pleasant company than you guileful gulagistanis. I'll stick with my beloved Anatolia thanks. You now being reduced to simply invoking spiteful projections of malice towards me reminds me humorously of some other gomers on your (former)roost da Hedge... who... having been totally crushed at last by my TRUTH IN MEDIA broadsides regarding the gold psyop... have no more left in their toolkits of drooling spite n envy than to send bad wishes my way!

Careful with dat boomerang chumly!

You're welcome to stick around... you've become something of a poster boy for my precis as to the slow degradation of the westerlings psyche into torture toy of the talmudics. A cautionary tale for all!