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Re: NXIVM - part TWO: INVERTS/INVERSIONS\AVERSIONS(to the Ladies) - A Catamites Bible o Bile!
— by Maestro Maestro Maestro Maestro
Right, genius.

You claim that you are writing a book that will change the world,


Still not a single counter argument nor refutation, nor even any kind of a response really, to the *substance* of what I said because you simply can't come up with one.  But you claim that you're not responding to the substance of what I'm saying *only* because I refuse to acknowledge beforehand that you will be right no matter what you say, you insidious Frankist piece of shit.  How damning is that obviously,  to anyone who wasted his time reading through this thread, rhetorically speaking.

You think you're an intelligent creature who escaped from the west and its mind snatchers.  You're on record saying that your mind was taken over by evil western operatives whom you were able to escape after some years of being reduced to their plaything.

 You're insane.

"Most of our highland neighbors are indeed goat herders - simple and for the most part honest folk who make for much more pleasant company than you guileful gulagistanis."

Your neighbors are the people who raped and tortured to death 2,5 million Christian Armenians and took those highlands from them.  Your Turks are not the original indigenous inhabitants of those stolen lands.  TODAY STILL, they rape and mutilate to death all sorts of animals and little girls of their own ethnicity because there are no Armenians and Greeks left in Anatolia.  It's all over the Turkish News on Turkish TV channels in Turkey and Europe which you can follow on the internet.  You're there so you can watch and masturbate to your heart's content while watching that sordid stuff.  You must have learned Turkish by now the better to salivate over the details of that sordid stuff which must be a highly sought after depraved delicacy for your sadistic Frankist mind.  Little cats, dogs and girls having their ears and limbs cut off and raped to death.  Frankist heaven for Bel Suave, of course we understand.

So you say that you are happy to be living amongst these monsters.   Could it be because you're proud of your Sabbatean donmeh Jewish ancestors who ordered and organized the Armenian genocide?

Boomerang right back at you, exposed Frankist Jewish pig.