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Re: NXIVM - part TWO: INVERTS/INVERSIONS\AVERSIONS(to the Ladies) - A Catamites Bible o Bile!
— by Maestro Maestro Maestro Maestro

As anyone who can tell by reading Bel Suave's statements here and elsewhere, Bel Suave is lying and misleading his readers by making the false assertion that the majority of Jews do not follow nor accept the Talmud, nor subscribe to the teachings of the Talmud.

It's a common knowledge FACT that the overwhelming majority of Jews, if not almost all Jews, either accept the Talmud as the supreme authority in their lives or at least do not reject nor repudiate the Talmud's authority.

As you know, the Talmud openly teaches hate and contempt of the rest of mankind.  It is thus essentially not different from, and even worse than, Frankism or Sabbateanism.

This insidious scumbag who calls himself Bel Suave is most likely a Talmudic and Frankist Jew himself, as evinced by his incredible insistence that there is a fundamental difference between 90+ percent of Jews and orthodox/Talmudic/Frankist Jews.  They're all the same shit in the end, united in their unmitigated hatred of the rest of mankind.  Read and learn from the horse's mouth (see how the Hasidim beautifully expose the Frankist/Sabbatean Jews for the evil filth they are whilst not making a peep about the filth contained in their beloved Talmud).  It's clear and well written, unlike Bel Suave's convoluted and verbose drivel:

Spread the word.

Bel Suave is an insidious Frankist donmeh crypto Jew.

Now exposed.