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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!
— by J J
Always been a deep question of mine why in the Sefirot tree of life there are ten points and not the `expected,’ by my intuition,  twelve. This has always felt very counter-intuitive to me as twelve points of manifestation are held true in many of the more ancient systems that can be validated, and in particular the Chinese medical model of the twelve energetic meridians. The concept of the twelve seems so inherently part of the structure of life for me that I was gobsmacked when I learned that part of the motivation for the creation of the metric system was to remove the concept of the `twelve’ equating with a `ruler’. So why ten?

The more I delve into the concept of the `electric universe’, the more this need for an `electrical transformer’ to step-down the universal electric current for expression in our universe and ultimately in our body and expression. If my line of thinking is accurate, then a deceptive form of this step-down model was needed and perhaps that is the Sefirot as presented.

Perhaps there is a more hidden form of the Sefirot. Or it may be easier to take it as an irrelevant misdirect. But curiosity always gets the better of me and I want to know what the missing-two are. LOL. OR, the whole thing is a made up charade foisted on the world.