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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!
— by Messerschmitt Me 262 Messerschmitt Me 262
You guys never give a straight answer around here, do you?

You quoted stuff like ""In any case, most actual synchronicities do seem to involve internal and external events coming together in time without any apparent cause, or even possibility of a cause according to Einstein locality i.e. no communication faster than the speed of light." Jim Fournier - Acausal Sunchronicity

“in practical Kabbalah...a good deal of 'black' magic — that is,
    magic...of various dark, demonic powers...Such black magic
    embraced a wide realm of demonology and various forms of
    sorcery that were designed to disrupt the natural order of things..."

"The “tikkun olam"of kabbala -the ‘repair of the world’ which that rabbinical doctrine proclaims to be the goal of its practice – is supposed to ‘correct’ a ‘flawed creation’ via the God-like powers it grants to men."

And you write stuff like "since I started writing this draft, our man THE GOLEM has delivered his next diatribe" and "where voodoo and modern technology literally meld into a machinery of imposed social terrorization."  and "" Fear and safety intermingle in this new world of kabbalistic numerology/algo finance/derivatives co-joined to voodoo science -"

If you don't believe in magic and demons, why do you quote stuff about them then explain how magic is done?  Voodoo is MAGIC, right?  And you say that this guy is a GOLEM which is a magical being, right?

Yeah, why do you discuss things if you don't believe in them?  Ain't that kinda stupid?  And why do you pretend to not understand what I'm saying?  About the Jews and the Torah.  I read those exchanges you had with the other guy.  Again, no straight answer though he called you to carpet half a dozen times.  Now you're gonna make me go back and parse through all that shit one more time 'cause you want us to prove that we read it, right?  Hold on.  Well, fuck it.  I just wasted 15 minutes trying to find a quote for a guy who refuses to even give one straight answer.  Fuck it, ain't gonna do it and go through all wordy shit for your pleasure.  You're on record saying somewhere that the real Jews don't believe the Torah or the Talmud and they are called...

 Well fuck me!  It was in the comments section, that's why I couldn't find it.  Yeah, this is where you say that most of the really real Jews don't respect the Talmud.  "Not all who call themselves 'jews' have an adherence to the filth called 'the talmud.' An obvious case in point would be the Karaites, who are relatively well known, but there were many other anti-rabbincal movements in the course of the Babylonian judeans reshaping what had been the practice of 'sraelite' religion". Karaites, what the fuck is that?  Never heard of them and you say that this obscure sect represents the real Jews who don't respect the Talmud?  Holy fuckerovski, Jews that don't respect the Torah and the Talmud?  That's like saying fish don't breath underwater.  Where do you come up with shit like this?  I guess the more important question is WHY do you come up with shit like this but I'm not holding out on my breath for a straight answer from this urban cowboy who don't swing that way it seems.

You talk of angry gods and shit.  Fuck, the god of the Torah said to the Jews to genocide the Canaanites and take over their lands, didn't he?  That's not the God of some obscure magical sect, that's the god of the Torah, the Old Testament, the god of the Jews, the god of ALL Jews, for fuck's sake.  How can you deny that and come ahead with what?

Jesus, how can you say Jews and gentiles can be friends when the Torah and the Talmud say that Jews are the chosen people and we gentiles ought to be genocided at will and our women taken as sex slaves?  "no there is no closed door between the gentile and judaic worlds such that an alliance between those of good faith within both cannot be achieved for our mutual survival."  I call bullshit on that when the Torah and the Talmud discuss how we gentiles can be genocided, lied to and be murdered without punishment.

Someone ought to get their facts straight before writing this shit.