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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Hello Eric,

thanks once again for bringing things back into the big picture focus. Which is and has always been, for me, the movement of peoples and ideas among the vast stretches of Asia - which must included that smallish promontory on its' western flank! In order to understand "Europeans" we must be well versed in the history of Asia - since, whether to large or small degree - we are all "Asiatics" save for those few who arriving directly via Africa.

The issue of "Tartary" as seen through the eyes of Fomenko is a nationalistic impulse directly advocating for the primacy of "Russ" culture as a tap root for everything which came later. As you've read in my "Tengri" stories, there are writers such as Murad Adji who take the same theme and posit a Turkish primacy. All such bias is needing to be filtered, and the process of doing so is a very very long one. Combine that will the deliberate veil of secrecy/disinfo which cover the issue of judaic antecedents, you have one heck of a challenge in front of one!~

Yes, Fomenko is a whole other world. Although I have problems with his 'chronology' its' not so much that Fomenko is 'out there' as that he's 'out there' in another direction from the conventional histories... which are just as much 'out there' but we've been trained to accept them verbatim.

Indeed - the sabbatean-frankist ashkenazi conspiracy is the mysterium mysterio of our times. The reference to hominids was a bit of a tongue in cheek regarding my precis of 'homo georganicus' and the semitic folk. If they do have a bit of 'alien' dna in the sense of being far different from that of the rest of homo erectus, they also are completely intermixed now with everybody else, as this post has demonstrated. Unraveling the thing will mean getting beyond the 'judaic' fixation some have, moving towards the true roots of both talmudism and kabbalism... in a time when 'evil' may have been 'incarnate!'

"I understand that you might want to keep things somewhat of a mystery as to keep suspense,"

that's a good idea. If only it were so.... as it would mean that I've already "built" my storyline, and am crafting the narrative flow. But t'aint so... by a long shot. Filling in the missing pieces, the gaps where information is either missing or suspect, it's been like watching ice melt, trying to make progress.

Lately, however, I've felt the pace of progress quickening; I have little doubt that the renewed attempts at diverting and/or destroying that progress were a response to that fact. We are indeed - poised for the main event here at last... and after the seasonal round up and return to the lowlands is done, I will be going full jets with the recent uptick of newly researched information.

However, in the short term, I hope that the next post will be able to deal with both your own question regarding the Austrian mischlinger who ruled Germany for a short while, as well as Js' enquiry into the antecedents of Schwaller.