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NXIVM part FOUR: From d’Alveydre to COUDENHOVE-KALERGI - Riddle of 'the Man in the Middle'
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
"Libertarianism is a front for the Austrian School of Ludwig von Mises, co-conspirator with Count Coudenhove-Kalergi who, with Archduke Otto von Hapsburg, established the Pan European Union with funding from Rothschild and Warburg. The Austrian School of Economics promised Americans personal economic freedom, however, unfettered, free market economics has sold the U.S. into economic slavery to the international Jewish banking cartel."*

Of the Duty of a Journalist\SAMUEL JOHNSON
"A Journalist is an Historian, not indeed of the highest Class, nor of the number of those whose works bestow immortality upon others or themselves; yet, like other Historians, he distributes for a time Reputation or Infamy, regulates the opinion of the week, raises hopes and terrors, inflames or allays the violence of the people. He ought therefore to consider himself as subject at least to the first law of History, the Obligation to tell Truth. The Journalist, indeed, however honest, will frequently deceive, because he will frequently be deceived himself. He is obliged to transmit the earliest intelligence before he knows how far it may be credited; he relates transactions yet fluctuating in uncertainty; he delivers reports of which he knows not the Authors. It cannot be expected that he should know more than he is told, or that he should not sometimes be hurried down the current of a popular clamour. All that he can do is to consider attentively, and determine impartially, to admit no falsehoods by design, and to retract those which he shall have adopted by mistake.

This is not much to be required, and yet this is more than the Writers of News seem to exact from themselves. It must surely sometimes raise indignation to observe with what serenity of confidence they relate on one day, what they know not to be true, because they hope that it will please; and with what shameless tranquillity they contradict it on the next day, when they find that it will please no longer. How readily they receive any report that will disgrace our enemies, and how eagerly they accumulate praises upon a name which caprice or accident has made a Favourite. They know, by experience, however destitute of reason, that what is desired will be credited without nice examination: they do not therefore always limit their narratives by possibility, but slaughter armies without battles, and conquer countries without invasions."

A Journalist, above most other men, ought to be acquainted with the lower orders of mankind, that he may be able to judge, what will be plain, and what will be obscure; what will require a Comment, and what will be apprehended without Explanation. He is to consider himself not as writing to Students or Statesmen alone, but to Women, Shopkeepers, and Artisans, who have little time to bestow upon mental attainments, but desire, upon easy terms, to know how the world goes; who rises, and who falls; who triumphs, and who is defeated.


For this closing segment of the series - NKIVM - I return to the declaration of intent delivered in the 2016 story SYRIAN ENDGAME. Written just prior to the moment when "the social medias" would became employed for the first time as the chief agency by which state actors  conduct a gigantic psyop against their own citizenry, institutions of government, and constitution of law...

right here in Anatolia...

it was then that I named the direct antecedents of the form of "journalism" which I would thereafter be pursuing - Johnson - Celebi - and the Grand Mughal himself - Babur.  In dedicating myself to following in the footsteps of those giants of the past, as pitifully under-equipped for the task though I might be, I sought  fulfillment of their unique legacy as "the chroniclers" of times and events. This "neo-journalism" as I termed it at that time, would represent a return to the original function of the 'reporter' as the lens through which "human action" is presented to the world. It stands in stark contrast to the jaundiced "advocacy reporting" which rules todays' medias. Dispassionate analysis of ones' times and travails  - a forgotten faculty which now can be practiced only by those willing to live on the fringes of empire... witness to the peril which the rest of human kind chooses to blithely ignore.

In choosing the modern day manifestation of full TALMUDIC KABBALIST TERRORISM - aka - the Keith Raniere/Bronfman Sisters white slavery/torture cult - as the theme for our closing performance here, I was drawn to the parallels between my own stated case for distinguishing 'authentic journalism' from its' many and various pretenders... and that of FRANK PARLATO - owner of the website which singlehandedly broke though the silence o the lambs which protected the criminals from exposure long overdue yet absent from the complicit media mafiyas...

who, in view of what has happened to those few who tried(but failed)before him. to blow the whistle on the madness, can be said to have put his live and livelihood both on the line for a quixotic quest towards justice in the age of noahide law!

I am on the record here for stating my belief that the west has probably already fully fallen into some kind of talmudic-kabbalistic hell realm. I've also stated that it's not clear to me exactly for whom and how the arrival into to such a zone occurs... whether one by one, a mass Jonestown type event, or whatever.

The case of NXIVM - of its' prosecution that is to say - registers as a heavy signal that all lights are not yet turned off in the fallen lands. And while it isn't something which causes me to reject or really even modify my previous claim... it is a signal that there may indeed still be intelligent life existing in patches back there! It's too early to say whether the Bronfman black money will save the day for talmudic terror in action... but the existence of this small ray of light is enough to be worthy o mention if not exactly - celebration.

You can bet... on the other hand... that if the ashkenazi mafiya DO scrape a victory out o the jaws of apparent defeat here - you have only to look back on the case of convicted sex slaver Jeffy Epstein to realize how plausible that scenario still is -

it will be the SURE SIGNAL of talmudisms' decisive and final victory over the peoples o the west. Here, in the 'post-western world' abuildin...

we watch with baited breath... beyond hope or fear... but still willing and able to cheer... any good new a tal for the brethren back in the fallen lands!


Johnson, the Grub Street journeyman scribbler, perennially short of funds, who pulled himself up to the top of  the social ladder in C18th England and became Merry Olde's preeminent literary figure. Celebi, the aristocratic sojourner, riding the roads of a vast Ottoman Empire with keen eye for that which lay beneath the superficial appearance.  Babur, the greatest and most grounded Mughal Emperor, who took a long and circuitous path from rags to riches, always sure of his fate. Without remotest pretense to the skill or accomplishment of these mighty swordsman of the pen, nevertheless I embrace their legacy with that one vital attribute I may claim without rebuke. As "Imperial Magister" of the very tiny principality known as "mine own mind," I hold the key to a treasure horde which kings and their kindred can only dream of! For it is only those very few who, having learned the how and why of resisting the 'blandishments of evil,' can cut for themselves a cloth of 'really real'  regal merit. As will be soon enough seen, by those now entering the maelstrom which the wester world is destined to fall into...

tis a suit of cloth which lies light upon the bodymind of the soul survivor, that wily wastrel who...
sought not lucre nor power, but cultivated  the garden of the soul instead. It  will be they and their scions who inherit the earthly paradise which we always were intended to enjoy as the birthright of free peoples. As a cultivator of the really real, in a time of its irreparable disappearance, I bring this platforms' interlude to its' natural close, having gained a mighty harvest indeed. By planting and tending the strange seeds sprung out of the febrile mind of the Last Magus - Baudrillard - I've divined not only the fate of the wester world in the immediate future, but at last gained access to an understanding of how it got there. Time to return to my book platform, well rewarded for this last pause among the people of the fallen lands.

But first, I've made some promises which I intend to keep. Chief among them - the belated exposure of the background story to the rise of that ashkenazi mafiya which now rules over all corridors of power, all puppet princes and their puppet states, as an all too real fulfillment, in our all too 'post-reality' world, of the bizarrely pre-monitional S.P.E.C.T.R.E. which Ian Fleming "fictionally" presented to us more than half a century back. "From Russia With Love?" Well yes, in a way. That flood of foreign criminals which their Frankist enablers arranged to unleash upon a doomed wester world - unreconstructed judeo-talmudic gangsters sprung from the Bolshevik gulags and represented to their victims as the refugees of religious persecution to be rescued in noble endeavor by the capitalist west -

indeed came from Russia... with the love of lucre, power, and the plans to achieve them both. Possessed of nought but a timeless blueprint for 'success'... at the expense of whatever society foolishly harbored them - production of intoxicants, peddling of prostitutes, 'stock-jobbing' and the rest of the financial shell game wizardry of the moneychanger caste - these new "immigrants" quickly cottoned on how to arrange for the elimination of competing criminal enterprise, and who to grease for the speedy acquisition of influence over the wheels of commerce and government alike!

Mafiya states - owned and operated by gangsters - some with "knighthoods," or other more pedestrian 'enoblements' endowed by their enablers - this is the real state of our world at this moment, unbeknownst to those who rely upon 'medias' to mediate their understanding. At the beginning of this ten year long excursis I naively believed that the erosion of personal liberties and nation state sovereignty could be somehow stemmed... if information flowed to enough people in a clear and consistent enough manner. Any such expectations were to be bluntly "trumped" by the arrival of a regime in Washington overtly cast in the mold of talmudic kabbalisms most eager sycophants and bagmen. That astonishing 'in your face' coup d'etat combined with what I had personally played witness and reporter to here in the muddled east neatly relieved me of such illusions.

Chronicling the "Decline of the West" in Spenglerian fashion was never, however at the top of my list of priorities in all this long interlude - fashioning a strategy of the "soul survivor" was! Completion of that project of bespoke lifestyle would be quite enough in the way of personal profit for a decades work. As it turned out, the two went hand in glove - the more I dug into and learned about the whacked out financial system, the political corruption and media deceptions, the more grounded and girded I became against all such malfeasance.  I shake my head at the degree of naivete which I shared in common with the rest of those in the benighted lands of the west but short years back. But I give humble thanks as well - for the antidote which arrived in place of it over time.

A concrete means of expressing that thanks will be the completion of that task which has been so long put off for more immediate goals; turning my attention now back to the job of chronicling the true story of our past.  A month or so back I received an email reminding me about a web site I'd started some years back and forgotten about - "The Return of Mike Nomad" it was called. Although my attentions went in a somewhat altered direction, I truly enjoyed that interlude over the past four years, reconnecting to my alter-ego Mike  -the hard nosed beat reporter buddy who sniffs out bad guys in exotic locales. Like Mike... I indeed became along the way "acquainted with the lower orders of mankind" and  "able to judge, what will be plain, and what will be obscure" as Johnson put it. The deliberate "obscurity" of Frankist Sabbatean cabal-ism has been penetrated on these pages to a degree not reached elsewhere. I do not claim that work is done - only that I have other plans for the immediate future.

Haven't yet come up with a similar type of avatar like agent for the next phase of my journey, but whether or not Mike Nomad ever returns to duty, I retire him for now with the satisfaction of knowing that this ink-stained wretch did a more than credible job of upholding the Steve Roper/Samuel Johnson standards of journalistic excellence during the time he was called to fill in!

Barbarous Reliquary awaits my return - I shall not tarry much longer here. Read this last[well OK - maybe next to last!] summation of "kabbalism in action" as an homage delivered to that same tradition of my youthful comic book heroes - welded together with the wisdom gleaned from gainful apprenticeship to the Last Magus' of the modern era...
and what must surely remain the most unique, if not well read, rendition of the spirit of true "journalism" to have surfaced in this young millennium!"


"A more traditional American Orthodox rabbi, Aryeh Kaplan, spent the seventies and early eighties reconstructing the forgotten Jewish meditative tradition by researching long-neglected kabbalistic texts, many only extant in manuscript. He boldly disregarded the centuries-old rabbinic ban on the dissemination of kabbalistic practices among those under forty and unschooled in Bible and Talmud—a result of the Shabbetai Tzvi tragedy—by teaching Jewish meditation classes and publishing practical manuals and source readers on the subject. Thanks largely to Kaplan’s efforts, many Orthodox rabbis and lay people have taught and written about Kabbalah, recognizing its appeal to non-practicing Jews searching for spiritual guidance.” (Michael Sidlofsky, “Kabbalah—A Brief History”)

"It was precisely at this point that Messianism was transformed into
nihilism. Having been denied the political and historical outlets it had
originally anticipated, the new sense of freedom now sought to express
itself in the sphere of human morality. The psychology of the ‘radical’
Sabbatians was utterly paradoxical and ‘Marranic’. Essentially its
guiding principle was: Whoever is as he appears to be cannot be a
true ‘believer’. In practice this meant the following: The ‘true faith’
cannot be a faith which men publicly profess."
 Scholem - "Redemption through Sin"

As I was getting ready to start this post, there came to my inbox a note from the guy who runs the site "Natural News" - Mike Adams - as to an article of his about "demonic possession." This of course was of interest to me - a vital part of the platforms' precis has been of course the continuing existence of states of 'possession' as a tool and legacy of kabbalist-talmudism. Mike is a young guy who, just as with my former correspondent "Jim Stone" has fully fallen under the spell of factionalist American faux right ideology. His site - which I read in order to glean solely health-related news, is chock o block now with sectarian agit prop like Jims.

What interested me about his latest effort was the degree to which his "team" has decided to 'demonize' "the left." They are - according to Mike - indeed subject to "demonic possession" and its a compelling picture which he unconsciously renders for us/ in his world - the whacked out partisans of Drumpfs talmudic party politics are clean of such infestations - and of course, ditto in reverse, for their opponents. Here's the crux of it...

somewhere along the way in his screed, Mike Adams outright declared "they are not human." I not too hopeful at this point that many readers in the west will understand the implications of that statement. Just as with the talmudists' declaration of gentile 'non-human' status, those who fall under the spell of talmudic kabbalism are being prepare to "render judgement" upon their opponents, acting as willingly executors for their kabbalist controllers. Americans, in other words, are being carefully prepared to unleash an orgy of bloodlust against each other! Don't ask Mike or Jimbo who this would benefit - they're both way too gone to answer that. So ask yourself - what part of the thesis I've enunciated since 2010s' Precession of Similucra - The New Tenochititlan has failed to prove out?

We, err...make that - you.... are there! It's starting. And its' irreversible once begun. Keith Raniere is counting upon "persons" at the highest level of government influence to bail him out of his self-authored troubles. As a real satanic figure, he probably knows a lot which you and I are not privy to. More important - he knows, and has the ear /wallet of the monstrous Bronfman sisters. And they are people who are dedicated - BY WAY OF BLOODLINE - TO demolishing your world, and everything precious to you in it. If, after three parts of this NKIVM series you've not studied even a little bit about the workings of that cult, and its wider connections to events and social phenomena of the moment...
you probably deserve that demolition.

I'm dedicating this post to those who do not deserve it... but are all to likely to receive it anyhow. Trust me - nothing personal. 

The opening of the floodgates of hell - for Americans - will in hindsight prove to have been the factional brouhaha over the nomination of Brett Kavanagh for Supreme Court tenure. At this point it matters very little that the details of his pedigree as a bonafide dyed in the wool Deep State underling and servant of the money power have now crept out. All that matters is that Brett - like the Don - completed his mission to further induce hatred and bloodlust in the victim population. It's what secret Frankist-Sabbatean folk like he and Don were bred for! Like orcs raised to spread mayhem pon middle earth, these 'hominids' roam the world as mind controlled minions of a hidden power, able to be activated whenever needed, due to genetically bred conditioning inside of themselves. As my last post demonstrated, there are far far more of "them" than you ever dreamed of. There is no interstice of your society which they have not penetrated, nor polity which they do not rule over as of now. All in secret - but not for much longer.

As with Poes famous story "The Masque Of the Red Death," when the masked stranger enters the ballroom, all will speed up, and when it is time for his mask to be removed, you will see there the face of your death. Neither a speedy nor peaceful one, indeed. Poes' fiction was way too 'real.' But Poe himself was a 'real' secret agent' He too, knew much more about how power works, as in, works to corrupt -  than you or I!

“Saint-Yves’s concept of synarchy was essentially a reaction to the rise of anarchy and therefore the opposite—a highly ordered method of government based on what he believed were universal laws and principles.  Everything and everybody had its place and purpose; harmony is achieved by keeping to that place and fulfilling that purpose, whereas any circumvention of those natural laws leads to disaster. Everyone has to remain in his or her allotted station in life.  (Papus likened the individual’s relationship to a nation or race to the cell’s relationship to the body. As each was preordained to fulfill a specific function, attempting to do anything else would only cause problems for both the individual and the organism as a whole.)

His works outlined an ambitious, visionary program for establishing synarchy in France and beyond.  Each state must be highly organized at every level, with everyone in his or her own specific place; otherwise anarchy would triumph. Challenging one’s status would not be tolerated.

However, the concept that everyone has a preordained place and role means that some people are naturally intended to lead: in other words, Saint-Yves advocated government by a predestined elite. And although much of his work is about the practicality of applying synarchy to the government of society, at its core it is an essentially spiritual or mystical philosophy.  The elite is spiritually attuned to the universal laws—effectively a priesthood.  Synarchy is therefore a form of theocracy, rule by priests or priest-kings".

We start with this introduction to the legacy of Ste. Yves Yves d’Alveydre, because he is indeed the 'glue'
which binds our esotericist Schwaller to the more practical and far reaching work achieved by Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder of the International Pan European Union. Indeed, in his book, Practical Idealism,  "the Count" wrote that the Jews were predestined to be a “future leader-nation” and a “new race of spiritual nobility.”

"Since the unenlightened Gentiles are unfit to govern their own lands, the Learned Elders must consolidate and rule over the nations of the world. Their megalomaniacal plan was obstructed when the ‘anti-Semitic’ Vichy regime banned Masonic societies, and so they renamed their program the Synarchist Movement of Empire (S.M.E.) after the 19th century Synarchist movement founded by Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre (1842-1909) who had been the Grand Master of the Martinist Order."

You quite possibly do not recognize the name "Synarchy" - it is indeed one of the best kept secrets of the modern era. In a world full to overflowing with ideological movements and terms such as 'communism,' socialism,' fabians, libertarianism, anarchist, and dozens of other dogmas, why is so little known of the one which trumps them all? Quite possibly it is due to it's being the last stage in the evolution of each of the forementioned, predestined to be the point where all 'opposites' cancel out, a world "Beyond Left and Right!"

A "judeo-christian theocracy" where the millennialist expectations of the 'self-chosen' manifest in a neofeudal fashion, and castes are indelibly recreated so that everyone once again "knows their place."
"Saint-Yves d’Alveydre, who was a Kabbalist, owed his concept of Synarchy to the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose Cross, whose leaders were in communication with the “Masters of the Occident,” — the Ascended Masters of the Hierarchy channeled by Alice Bailey."

“ ‘government by secret societies’, or by a group of initiates who operate from behind the scenes. It is an analogue of ‘theocracy’, or rule by a priesthood.” Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre

Now you can see it all non/\>?

What an exquisite concoction of western esotericism, religious kookery, political extremism and dangerously deluded "nationalism" slathered over a base of ethnic hegemonism lies behind the polite exterior of contemporary "European Integrationalism" ... all arranged and brought to you by...
the usual band of covert kabbalists hiding chameleon like behind  a multitude of disguises, employing an army of willing dupes to screen them from full view.

You will notice I got through that entire sentence without even once using the 'j' word. How can that be? Is it, as claimed by our recently outed and ousted in house planted provocateur - because I am an 'apologist' for the evil jew? Or, alternately, is it simply due to my owing a higher allegiance to the standards of truth in media... and the really real in the historical record... than other folks seem willing to accede to? You be the judge! I'm not likely to budge... from my well established precis that the ruin of the Europoid peoples about to proceed has been brought on via a collusion of... a great number of agents drawn from those same people... under the influence of elements once foreign indeed to their polity and bloodlines, but now hopelessly mingled together, such that we seem doomed to having to sort out our own mess... without silly resort to blaming others, no matter how villainous... for our own stupidity and avarice! Blaming "the jews" in other words... just won't cut it.

Knowledge is indeed... power. But only when that knowledge comes from truly knowing one's self - the Europoid - warts n all. Were we to have accepted this mixed legacy of the people responsible  for much of this worlds' highest achievements... with much of this worlds most sordid performances, we might indeed have pulled this thing outta the fire. Better luck next time!

Kabbalist necromancy... as I have successfully argued on this platform... is no exclusive devise of any ethnic or religious faction. It's roots run to the beginnings of a long misunderstood 'time beyond time'  in which "mankind"... in the gender-specific sense of the term... once held under the 'spell' of a pre-literate world of of "womb-power"... plotted its escape, and, instead of finding a longed for freedom from oppressions of all kinds, immediately fell under the sway of forces even more odious that what they had sought escape from.

And it was, you see - the Reuchlins, Picos, Dees and all the rest of that caste of 'western' dabblers into the occultic who delivered us to the devil in the end. A jaded gentry, a jaundiced intelligentsia with a penchant for every esoteric stench to belch forth from a beastly eastern direction... from gnostic heresies of Simon Magus, Valentinius, the neo-Alexandrians, through to the heretics of middle ages Cathar/Bogomils, on to Blake, Swedenborg, and finally, our present crew of Schwallers cum d'Alveydres, through Hess to Hitler, Blavatsky and on into this present moment of reignited "demonic possession"... who were standing in wait successively to guide the west to its ignoble end. Not 'the jews'\not even 'not the jews'... just jew and gentile wrapped up in madness which transcends ethnic boundaries yet invariably can be traced to the malaise of men who hated and feared the female half of the species, so much as to bring the entirety of us down with them!

But that is for my book to 'flesh out;' here, our business is to calmly trace the movement of magicians and their stage assistants, on and off of a stage which has floated in front of our eyes for centuries, never properly described or comprehended.

“[Schwaller de Lubicz] also always concealed the influences that shaped his own philosophy, but an examination of his ideology places him firmly in the context of a specific politico-esoteric system, a movement known as Synarchy. This is ‘government by secret societies’, or by a group of initiates who operate from behind the scenes. It is an analogue of ‘theocracy’, or rule by a priesthood. Schwaller de Lubicz was a fervent Synarchist which is why he admired ancient Egypt so much, ruled as it was by divine kings and priesthoods...” (The Stargate Conspiracy, p. 263)

Is it of the essence to determine that Schwaller, like some many of his kind, was born to a jewish mother, grew up in the judaic heartland of Alsace, became a sort of 'anti-semitic'... and supplied in part the underpinnings of an idelogy which would fester in time into what we know as "fascism?" Yes, and no.
We do need know that the same half-caste background of a man like Schwaller, steeped in  mysticism and the longing for 'sacred knowledge' from the east invested a man like "Hitler" who - upon succeeding in seizing power in both Germany proper and Austria as well - immediately ordered the razing of the cemetery in the later state where the tombstones gave away the secrets of his judaic antecedence.

We also need understand how it came to be that so many of these 'mischlingers' exist through out a Europe mistakenly assumed to be full of 'pure-blooded' Aryan or other such concocted and mythical 'racial' groupings. Was it merely the accidental mixing of peoples whose wanderings inevitably produce such cultural meldings? Or was there a planned 'melding together' of a people and its' predators - such as my previous post has shown to be the effect of Frankist sabbatean politics as directed by its supreme pontiff Josef Frank?

If the latter be true - and I rest content that I have shown it on these pages to be so... what is it about the current reign over America of the scions of these half caste monsters that has consistently failed to register in the noggins of those who have the most to lose by ignoring this 'in your face' takeover of their society by those implacably programmed to achieve its destruction? Are "the goys" as stupid as the talmudic kabbalist makes them out to be?

Or is kabbalic magic as powerful as I have claimed it to be?

Of course, it is easy enough to misinterpret what I mean in employing the term magic here: I went to some pains in creating the story "Market Sentiments" to precisely explain what that term can mean in the modern sense. And some folks go to equal pains to avoid taking aboard that precise explanation... preferring instead to flaunt their ignorance in front of our faces, in vain attempt to prevent our growing understanding of the really real. C'est la vie!

“Every republic passes through several stages. The first of these is comprised in the early days of mad raging by the blind mob, tossed hither and thither, right and left: the second is demagogy from which is born anarchy, and that leads inevitably to despotism - not any longer legal and overt, and therefore responsible despotism, but to unseen and secretly hidden, yet nevertheless sensibly felt despotism in the hands of some secret organization or other, whose acts are the more unscrupulous inasmuch as it works behind a screen, behind the backs of all sorts of agents, the changing of whom not only does not injuriously affect but actually aids the secret force by saving it, thanks to continual changes, from the necessity of expanding its resources on the rewarding of long services.” Protocols of Sion

When the King of Israel sets upon his sacred head the crown offered him by Europe he will become patriarch of the world... The King of the Jews will be the real Pope of the Universe, the Patriarch of the International Church.” (Protocols 15.23; 17.4)

The existence of a sect neither 'within' or 'without' the main body of contemporary judaism - a strange agglomeration of ethnic background and religious manias manifesting as a social group seeking the destruction of the whole world around it - in order to achieve its own ascendancy as the 'chosen' within the chosen ones...

has been given such poor attention by chroncilers judaic or non-judaic both... as to cause it to indeed remain, as I have termed it, the mysterio mysterium of our era. What I seek to do here is show that the mixture behind its' appearance in C18th Europe is one that brings together Turkic tribes and semitic scribes, two varieties of cunning which together work a miracle out of their mutual compulsion for disguise. The miracle of course being that veil of ignorance which remains over their existence and goals. "Jews" as a group are not to be confused with the ashkenazi overlords of our present financial systems, of our corporate entities, or our various puppet polities. Jews have roots in that mixture, and also in separate ones. Jews are 'villains' in this play, and victims scripted to suffer at the hands of their bastard offspring as well. It's... complicated. By design.

But behind all the deliberate obfuscation the careful observer of men can still make out the theme which beckons our interest and acknowledgement. These 'mensch' of the C20th century whose various disguises of 'fascism' communism or 'capitalism' were really all of a piece. Bolsheviks funded by Wall St capitalists, German fascists funded by same, all, in the main were creatures of a kabbalism which has crept under the covers through history by disguising its core malaise - men who are driven by base instincts which cause them to seek out other men in order to substitute for the love of women which their sickness of spirit bars them from!

Yes, kabbalism is not only NOT 'jewish' by origin - it is not 'religious' in its core purpose, nor is it a system of metaphysical speculation as it is sometimes made out to be. Kabbalism roots in the same impulse which caused the deformed flowering of the monastic impulse in places as diverse as India, Ireland, the deserts of Eygptian Sinai, or the cells of Greek island hermitages and Tibetan grottoes.  At all points of the compass it is provably the outgrowth of a misogynist impulse which renders the defective brain of its adherents suseptible to wild deformaties of character - such that the 'spermatics' of hermetic repute follow the same course of filth as would later flower into the absolute madness of a Crowley, the pederasty of the fallen Catholic church, or the catamites of Washingtons "J Street" and the Obamite/Emmanuel school of Chicago scandal.

From Tibetan monks making advances upon their tiny charges to the rebbes constantly caught 'in flagrante' with the small boys of their [ ] the world of kabbalism is a world of inversion.... reversal, subversion, and subterfuge. Into such a demi-monde, where nothing is as it appears...
let us further plunge, with the story of Rene "Aor" Schwaller de Luwicz and  the BIRTH OF SYNARCHY.
Not only did Rene Schwaller add to his name the Hebrew title Aor - for 'golden light' - he acquired through close acquaintance with yet another of our classic studies of the Frankist Sabbatean bloodline, the 'aristocratic' title of de Lubwicz! Since the story of the Turco-Polish-Lithuanian characters who would loom so large in the events of the C20th needs be left to a later segment, we will only introduce the name of Milašius Lubicz Milosz here to make our storyline transition easily into its summation of the conspiracy by which right wing 'nationalism' of the kind which Rene Schwaller embraced along with his occultic leanings, would morph into a movement which changed the course of history dramatically, via the career of yet another of our cast of mischlingers... Adolf Schickelgruber!

His father was a former Russian army officer named Vladislasde Lubicz Milosz. His mother, Marie Rosalie Rosenthal, was a Jew from Warsaw.

When Vladislas Milosz was about forty years old, he met the future mother of the poet, Miriam Rosenthal, the daughter of a Warsaw teacher of Hebrew. She came from a poor but honorable Jewish family. According to the memories of the Lithuanian diplomat, Petras Klimas, Milašius told him that once when his father was riding in his carriage in Warsaw, he caught the sight of a beautiful young Jewish woman. He "stopped his carriage and approached her; without their exchanging a word, she agreed to become his mistress. He took her off to Czereia... " (quoted in Bamford (Ed. ). 1985, p. 434).

Maria Rosalia Milosz converted to Roman Catholicism but, according to rumor, the Sabbath candles were lit every Friday in Czereia. (Kubilius, 1981). Later on, perhaps because of the influence of his mother, Milašius studied Hebrew and integrated many mystical elements of Jewish Kabbalah into his Christian writings.

Like so many of those of his time, living on the eastern marches of post-French Revolution Europe, Milosz was a man of mixed heritage, eager to 'nobilify' himself as well as mythologize his past. A standard trope of the Frankist cabal, the man longing for status in the gentile world of that day is a man who must 'pretend' to nobility, if he is not born to it.

Schwaller to was a man who felt the pull of that same need, though he lived in a very different part of the Continent.

"Schwaller de Lubicz settled in Egypt in 1938 and for the next 15 years studied the symbolism of the temples, particularly Luxor, finding what he considered to be proof that the ancient Egyptians were the ultimate examples of Synarchy, because the were ruled by a group of elite initiates.  He failed to point out that the Egyptian civilization was static and limited.  What's more, it caved in on itself, and never managed to produce any significant work of benefit for humanity, as mathematician Otto Neugebauer showed.  In fact, Neugebauer made it clear that the Egyptian civilization was a hindrance to the development of mankind.  The Pharaonic lifestyle was that of a small group of the "elite," served and worshipped by everyone else - and that all others were, essentially, expendable."

Giving himself over to creating a mythical Egyptian society of initiates, mysteries, and an elite ruled system of 'royal' bloodlines naturally holding reins of power, Schwaller was undoubtedly at the same time cognizant of the political currents of his day, and the occult connections between his rulers of a mythical past and the msytical rulers of a coming future Synarchic "revolution."

"Nevertheless, the Synarchy philosophy of Joseph Alexander Saint-Yves d'Alveydre (1824-1909), the culprit identified by P & P, developed in the early 1870s, was formed around certain mystical and occult ideas.  St-Yves believed in the existence of spiritually superior beings that could be contacted telepathically and that the ruling elite ought to be made up of people who were in communication with them.  He himself claimed that he was in touch with these beings, and that they actually gave him the principles of Synarchy.
Schwaller was an occult Darwinist. He believed that the substance of the Universe was mindless, that consciousness only comes about via evolution of matter - that man "creates" god only after he has sufficiently evolved to examine the broad "principles," or "neters" of nature and to use those principles to "accelerate" his "spiritualization" of his flesh, so to say."

This extremely kabbalic point of view was Schwallers' way of connecting the disparate strands of his mix background, as well as negotiating his way through the competing strands of occultic and ideological movements which the new century seemed so full of. The "spiritual" speculations of Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and various gnostical revivals, joined to the political speculations of emerging fascism, seemed a rich topsoil in which to plant oneself!

Of course, we know that others, to become much more famous, were grazing from the same menu. Schwallers' sect-fellow, Hess would become one of Adolf Schickelgrubers' key influences; is it possible to trace the network of connections between the two men and the currents of their day?

Yes, I posit. For that same 'mixed' heritage of the part judaic haunted both men, and in turn, became a liability both leveraged into a tool for personal advancement. The "anti-semitism" of the judaic mischlinger follows a well known pattern. While not entirely exclusive of the symptoms of self-hatred, its' core instead is the unwitting use to which the complexes and conditioning of such men is put by 'unseen forces' skilled in the manipulation of such personalities. For them... power is the greatest of aphrodisiacs! In the case of he who would make himself into 'der Fuhrer' that power who be embedded in a coming 'Thousand Year German Reich.' In the case of Schwaller, it would be found in the recreation of ancient elites and their magical rites.

"Despite being born of a Jewish mother, de Lubicz with other members of the Theosophical Society, broke away to form an occult right-wing and anti-Semitic organization which he called Les Veilleurs, “the Watchers,” to which the young Rudolf Hess also belonged Joscelyn Godwin, “Schwaller de Lubicz: les Veilleurs et la connexion Nazie,” Politica Hermetica,number 5, pp. 101-108 (Éditions L’Âge d’Homme, 1991).

Readers' Note: Publication of this post has been delayed as I've searched over and over through my notes for the details confirming the matter of MARIE BERNARDS' judaic antecedence... as mentioned in the above quote. Bizarrely, nothing has shown up, although I know that these details were downloaded months ago, from works like Aaron Cheaks' biography and elsewhere. After a bout of intense paranoia, I've calmed down enough to go ahead with the post anyway. The absence of any data regarding mother and father of Schwaller on sites such as is telling me something. Particularly when it is a rather well known figure whose biographical details are personally curated by an individual party.

Though stumped for the moment, I intend to pursue the case of the missing Marie (from Asnieres near Paris)further... and remain of the 'opinion' for the meanwhile that as well as the mother, Schwallers' father, as a "Swiss-German" immigrant to Alsace, with a career as 'pharmacist' as is so common to 'the tribe' is a very good candidate for crypto-Frankist status.... exactly as I uncovered in the previous case of the man who literally created "California" -
Johann August Suter/Sutter!

A new Noble Race by the Grace of the Spirit
“Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility through spiritual grace... The prominent position held by Jewry these days is owed to its spiritual supremacy which enables it to  win the spiritual battle over enormous superior numbers of favored, hateful, jealous rivals.” (Practical Idealism, Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, 1925)

"Noble Races"... imagined nobility... intense hatred of all outside of ones' small cabal. These are the markers of kabbalistic talmudism in action...
whether in the covert form of "Ayran Whites" "Nazi Reichs," Trotskyite Kikes..."Persian Bolsheviks" or a dozen other permutations of the same ol, ageless scam.

"Coudenhove-Kalergi’s words echoed the Protocols of Zion, which were signed by “the Representatives of Sion of the 33rd degree.”

 “God has granted to us, His Chosen People, the gift of the dispersion, and in this which appears in all eyes to be our weakness, has come forth all our strength, which has now brought us to the threshold of sovereignty over all the world.” (Protocol 11.8)

Comin up! Part Five(and hopefully final!)of NXIVM = where we must connect the dots... tween lots n lots o Turco-talmudic folk from the eastern marches... the half caste spawn o their dalliances with dames of the gentile kind... the 'secret sectarians' embedded like IUDs in every corner of the wester world...

and the unfortunate, but very real suicidal fixation of the people with the most to lose in the coming storm... by avoiding any and every intersection leading to the lingering havens... of the really real!

BONUS - We find out how Schwaller got his fancy name.

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