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Re: NXIVM part FOUR: From d’Alveydre to COUDENHOVE-KALERGI - Riddle of 'the Man in the Middle'
— by J J
Might it be that the awareness of hierarchy exists within us making us susceptible to being deceived when it is witnessed manifest externally and claiming itself as the `true’ master? Then instead of being synchronized to the inner `king’ ones `clock’ synchronizes into believing that the external hierarchy is the real one.

The heart is the king of the body internally and all the other organs know this and act accordingly, with their defined purpose. Not in serving the king but in serving Life and run by the conductor, the King, the heart. The energy of the heart stems from elsewhere, just as what is perceived as coming from the Sun is coming from somewhere else. Portals within portals in an electric universe.

As mankind shifted from being solely body and heart focused to more a brain animal, perhaps that is where the opening for simulacra arose?

The discovery of the `self-receptor cells’(human leukocytic antigens (HLA)) neatly proves to me that our true self is not in the manifest form but in some other place. These HLA are shaped like antenna tuning to a broadcast stemming from where?

Then in our simulacra here, we have the obsession over the cell phone and its bringing to people a sense of self. A receiver and transmitter. And what is the functional description of the function of the biblical Ark of the Covenant? A receiver. Broadcasting from where? Archons figured out how to transmit messaging electronically to the early humanoids who then named themselves the chosen people perhaps? The chosen people who had received precise blueprint level details of how to build this receiver.

Every and any idea is open season for creating Hollyweird content on. Except the topic of the Archons. Only one show ever touched on the concept, an episode of the first season of Gene Rodenberry’s Star Trek.

Might there be an Archon-influence angle in your overall arc? We shall see.