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Re: NXIVM part FOUR: From d’Alveydre to COUDENHOVE-KALERGI - Riddle of 'the Man in the Middle'
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Having these two comments in front of me is a compelling example of why - whatever direction I decide to take next - continuing access to reader input is a prime necessity. I could go on for pages, literally, in constructing a response.... because there is enough in there that jogs memory of an older(as in times younger)self and jars it into relation to this present self... as to produce most creative musing. 

Long ago I had a great appreciation for the kind of gnostical perspective which posited archons, demiurges, and so forth; my intellectual mentor was keen on the Alexandrians like Valentinian, Basiledes, and the parallels between their teachings and those of the tantric buddhists.

As I gradually become more aware of the perils of both buddhist esotericism and kabbalistic metaphysics, the attraction receded. The journeys undertaken by the gnostic 'soul' are all too grounded in those of the kabbalist journey of 'redemption of the world'... the 'fallen Sophia' all too redolent with the image of Adams' first wife - Lilith - as the progenitor of 'sin' ... the urge towards alchemic 'fusion' of opposites/male female/yin yang too much in accord with the tantric magicians' absorption of the consorts' will. 

Inevitably, it seems, what happens is that the subtle workings of the kind of 'really real' alchemy as practiced by the ancients in China AND BEFORE... in the hands of men seeking power and lucre, instead of wisdom and integrity, becomes bastardized into some form or other of physic vampirism.  For me, "Gnosticism" falls into this category of failed enterprise, wherein - 

as Voegelin so descriptively analysed... the 'antinominian tendencies' within it become the plaything of dark forces which use men as their agents for debasing us// 

It might seem that the above written is a dismissal of the whole field of gnostical endeavor; that is not my intention however// just as archons suitably stand in as metaphor for the stains in our own character, so do other human 'inventions' such as ... closer to what was once home - the kind of predator who - in Castenadas' version " It is a big shadow, impenetrably black, a black shadow that jumps through the air."

In Mexico, there is indeed something more visceral, on the ground so to speak... which brings out the sense of these ominous presences. When that got all mixed up with drugs, politics, and the whole pyschadelic thing, the opportunity to investigate it got lost. 

Jung was another who wished to make gnostical revelations the backbone of psychological principles. His unconcious, the anima/animus etc., owe much to that background... but ultimately do nothing to move anyone closer to self-understanding. 
Which is the reason I've got a book to finish. Only farther back... and deeper down, that folks have been willing/able to go is that opportunity to get to grips with our physic impediments to be found. And when I say psychic - trust me, that is something totally grounded in a very 'somatic' trauma' which resonates  in and reveals itself through the whole of 'man'kind. 

I'm getting a vague sense of how to proceed back on BARBAROUS RELIQUARY. I might change my initial intent of placing draft chapters for review and instead make it a 'post' format like here... wherein I can bring up still half-formed themes which - with the assistance of the reader such as has been the case here - can be worked into a finished format. 
Hey reader! That requires y'all STAY THE HELL OUTTA TALMUDIC HELL REALMS. Don't drop the ball now - we jus gettin startin!