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The Real Goods - On a Very Bad Psyop
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
I've been celebrating our return to 'civilization'[so to speak!]lately by postin a blizzard of commentary on our fave talmudic-kabbalist blogs' pages. Their new set up seems to allow for 'intervention'[read:censoring]into ones' comments at the drop of a yarmulke. I've had multiple comments messed with - in multiple ways... but with a top banner item like the Khashoggi Snuff - where I'm indeed the only guy who knows his stuff - literally -the madness is growing in intensity.
I've long known that our 'final showdown' - that's the TalmudicTwins n ME... will be all about Turkey - as it was with the phony coup of 2016 that they were forced to take the gloves off ... and systematically attack my reports from ground level which had shown up their pathetically mistaken accounts. Today I've decided to kill two talmudic birds with one keyboard hustle - I haven't wished to divert myself from my chosen path of finishing up here with the last segment of our ashkenazi exploration by publishing what I KNOW TO BE SO bout the case of the missing faux journo...

but butt - having this comment get lost in the general melee of tylertowns micromanaged comment section has caused me to decide pon posting it here. Cause - enuff is enuff =

"We're sorry, we were unable to load comments at this time. Please try again later."

with that bullshit! This is likely to be the ONLY ACCURATE accounting of this psyop storyline the world is going to [not]see Because it looks like they are gonna do the same thing they did to my ONLY ACCURATE rendition of what happened in Anatolia in July 2016! Enjoy.


2 hours ago
Why finger MBS.. when the 'amateur' nature of the crime... is exactly what would lead a [deliberate]trail to ... him?

a)If one has never been to the muddled east... tis highly recommended one neither pass any judgment on doings which proceed from there... or buy into ANY storyline which lays out in all too clear n simple form the nature of some 'event' or other.

b)If one has been at some point to the muddled east... but not live there - away from expat havens and the safety of gated communities... one could probably stick their neck out to the point of offering any OPINION as to an event or supposed 'event'...

c)should one have acquired a reasonably first hand understanding of the way the muddled east works.. from time immemorial, by virtue of having LIVED THERE for a considerable length of YEARS[with the above caveats inclusive of course], one already knows there are multiple possibilities to any 'event'... the most obvious - or most media-memed being by far the least likely.

I don't pretend to KNOW at this point WHO offed the faux journo/intelligence operative/nephew of Adnan the ArmsArsehole. That's because I meet all the above critical criteria for (c).

What I DO know follows.... and hasn't  changed since I typed it an hour back. The backyard of a now abandoned counsels rented home is open to ANYONE TO PLANT A BODY IN... IF.. a body was really there.

Might as well throw Sirhan Sirhan in too!

Enuff ********. Let's cut to the chase shall we?

A monster battle of egos over the Pastor Disaster-following in the wake of the HalkBank Chain-Yank.

The lira goes into the toilet, the already overstretched financial fudging can no longer plug the dike...

disaster looms ... and... Qatar steps in... solely and uniquely to offer $5 billion USD in spending money(cleverly disguised as 'investment funds.'

Of course, with all such 'gifts' of international diplomacy type affairs, the strings are indeed attached, if hidden. What happens to be Qatars biggest wishbone of all? Sticking to the Saudis who stuck it to them... in a hyper tense 'embargo' shakedown earlier this year. But wait...

there's more!

Second biggest dream of Qatarburg - happens to be finding a friendly ear amongst the hordes of happy Sraelis who now more or less control every freaking detail of what goes down in the muddled east. Dershowitz does Doha... and the rest of the Gulf States, comes home to PAPA ORANGE with a song n dance about 'vibrant democries bloomin on Arab St.'

Almost home... the wheels fall offa Qatars' charm offensive  -  the bigwigs in Urusalem demand a 'down payment' of 'good will'... the plot to take down MBS gets hatched. Like all dupe doubler agents workin for the Pirate State in the s e Med, Khash ends up under the bus... Ankara gets a chance to gnosh with Wash ington once more...

and Saudistan has a final offer - join the URRASSian NRG Cartel Srael has set up now...


join the long line of G-Daff dictators who thought to taught the talmudists a lesson in power politics.

Follow up follows...

there are 3 large pieces of luggage inside of a car with diplomatic plates parked since some time ago in a garage outside of Stanbul. Since the police are not allowed to open the vehicle without permission of the Saudis, no one knows what is inside them. Or WHO REALLY placed them there... or if indeed it was the diplomatic mission employee who the parking man claims it to have been... WHO HE WAS REALLY working for.

That's how this works.