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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Just afore I noticed your comment - I zipped off this - to the talmudic kabbalist HQ blog thread which announced his ... he he heh... ban.

1 hour ago

Roberts and "Fake Newz Princess" Johnson have a new scam going ... 

which is to be "banned" by "liberal" outlets and then try to ramp up their cred with "conservative" donors. It may pull in some new suckas, but increasingly people are aware of their real roots - 

PCR at the heart of the Trotskyite takeover during the Reagan Slumber Party... now pretending to be 'anti-sionist'...

Caitlin an unreconstructed socialist trolling for cash using "anti-war" rhetoric as bait. 

Urusalem is now so far along in its Grand Plans... and so secure in its manipulation of ALL mediaz... that it has created an army of Srael "Critics" ... the better to stifle real resistance to its aims. 

Lenins' "control both sides of the debate" in action. Heads, you lose. Tails, you fails. 

I believe I shall be harvesting a large dose of negative feedback from the gomers today! Truth Hertz!

Also, as I believe you undertook to leave zh behind a while ago, I'm letting you know about this post - because it has a very interesting link to 'the trivium'. I'm just digging into this, but it appears that "JAN IRVIN" has something to do with the trivium learning site mentioned. He is very very good on the connections tween the drug thing.... and the CIA/establishment/phony counterculture thing...which I wanted to write about but got diverted from. 

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On Friday, October 26, 2018 1:05 PM, J [via Geopolitics Behind the Mask] <[hidden email]> wrote:

Quotes from Paul Craig Roberts, which probably got him banned by the twits at the Twitterville Pedo Farm:

"The Zionist Neoconservatives are responsible for Washington's unilateral abandonment of the INF treaty, just as they were responsible for Washington's unilateral abandonment of the ABM Treaty [in 2002], the Iran nuclear agreement, and the promise not to move NATO one inch to the East."

"Their over-confidence about their ability to quickly defeat Israel's enemies and open the Middle East to Israeli expansion got the US bogged down in wars in the Middle East for 17 years ... During this time, both Russia and China rose much more quickly than the neoconservatives thought possible."

Of course, PCR does not mention that the rise of China was the plan by the New Bolsheviks all along. And they still, of course, have their hooks into Russia. So, partial truth, but not the full truth.

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