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Glad you got some use from that. 
"it opens it in a shell within the ZH page itself",,,, I was upside down with what I was looking at, for about half and hour. That's exactly what they've done, but I could not figure out till you explained that. Is such 'tracking' rendered ineffective by a proxy, or have we reached the point where that is useless too> I'm now getting ads on the zh viewing experience even though I've cliked 'dismiss' not 'allow'... and employ an ad blocker which is SUPPOSED to render them ALL invisible!

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On Friday, October 26, 2018 6:46 PM, J [via Geopolitics Behind the Mask] <[hidden email]> wrote:

Yeah, I tried getting TT over at ZH to delete my account, to no luck. So I just don't go there. But I do see they have a new tracking function built in. If you click a link provided in any of the comments, it opens it in a shell within the ZH page itself. An excellent way for them to provide even more tracking. So, one needs to be careful to just copy the link and open it in a private browser session to block the cookie activity.

On the trivium stuff, I assume you're referring to this one:

Me loves good podcasts as I can listen while doing work around the property.

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