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Hello Eric,

"Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, etc.",,, that's a great insight... and yes there is some 'resemblance' in the jpg... both of which concur with a developing idea of mine - that the "slavs" are a kind of racial remnant of some kind of huge genetic transfer experiment with the talmudists conducted in the wake of "the Great Migrations" as it is usually called - or, as I like to refer to it... the westward flood of nomadic 'horse peoples' who collide with the sedentary cultures of 'old Europe' somewheres slightly east of the Dnieper.

You read the stories where I brought to light Murad Adjis' thesis about the Turkic influence in that western expansion being far far greater than what history has come to suggest. He rather adamantly dismisses the whole notion of 'slavic' peoples as a canard designed to cover up the real story. I hardly took his precis seriously before now, but I am starting to pay more attention to it. And as you can imagine - BR will be the perfect place to perform that forensic analysis!

I'm already quite thrilled with returning there. It was amazing to be able to upload one of my old stories to the post I wrote today, watching it finish loading in seconds... after a whole six months of slow to no internet which prevented me from any such work.

There was a "Tartary" beyond any doubt... it just did not go by that name... for the very good reason that the entire ethos of the nomadic peoples who formed its inhabitants and carved out its bounds militated against the things which 'states' are very good at... namely...

naming things. Creating divisions, boundaries, scribes, bureaucrats, rules,regulations, rulers, states, and numberless other numbing accretions by which populations can be controlled... tax farmed... and tamed. "Stateless Living" was a far greater 'state of being' for far far more people that orthodox history allows! When I can get James Scott's "Seeing Like a State" loaded up over on BR... it will be more clear what I mean.

When I first read the claim by the you know whos' that the "Scythians" were but members of the 'lost tribes  of srael'... I was sure it was just another talmudic hoax. Now I'm taking another look at that and a lot of other assumptions I had - as new details reach me.

see you on the 'flip side'... of geopolitics behind the mask!