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— by Eric Eric
Indeed Bel, the people that were creating those maps and labeling them Tartaryans would label them however they want, just as the Phoenicians didn't call themselves Phoenicians either originally; that was just a term by the Greeks for them apparently.  Doing so much of this research though and finding these things that are totally hidden makes you wonder just how much we have actually be lied to. I get this sense that we might be getting screwed even more than we can actually realize.  Apparently a major flood/comet strike or something else happened around 1816 which led to the downfall of Tartary and weakened them up for invasion, possibly from Napolean's armies? This is one of the current conspiracy theories of what happened. Look up the mud flood if you are interested.  These Tartaryans were also largely blond hair blue eyed people too i've heard, and the books i've found seem to suggest this.  There are also people saying that this event affected many places worldwide and that our current year and timeline was rewritten/modified after this event. Really makes you wonder.

Check out the headshape on this guy.

Could Sauroman and Sauron be from Sarmatians or Sarmatae, Sauromatae.