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I never cease to find inspiration, for the work of uncovering our 'real' history, in Tolkien.  Ian Adamson, who has provided me with key information about the Cruthini/Pretani/Picts of Eire & Hibernia, assembled the background story to JRRs war experience - which I am certain led to much of his vision of 'middle earth.' 

"The first story which Tolkien put on paper was written during his convalescence at Great Haywood early in 1917. This is the Fall of Gondolin, which tells of the assault of the last Elvish stronghold by Morgoth, the prime power of evil and these are the Elves who form the basis of the Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings. Discussing one of the principal characters in the Lord of the Rings, Tolkein wrote many years later, “my Sam Gamgee is indeed a reflection of the English soldier, of the privates and batmen I knew in the 1914 war and recognise as so far superior to myself.” The Hobbit itself is almost a parallel of the Great War as Bilbo Baggins is plucked from his rural life and plunged into a brutal conflict. So also are Sam Gamgee and Frodo Baggins pitched against the forces of darkness and witnesses to a carnage in Middle-earth reminiscent of Armageddon which could only have been imagined by those Heroes of World War One"

"On Thursday 6th July, Tolkien’s 11th Lancashire Fusiliers went into action, but only A Company was sent to the trenches and Tolkien remained at Bouzincourt with the remainder. Finally on Friday 14th July, B Company went into action. The sights which Tolkien now experienced, the images, sounds and the people he met , stayed with him until his death in 1973. He never forgot what he called the “animal horror” of trench warfare."

If an active principle of 'evil' was formed for Tolkien out of his experience of a war without true cause - other than the mass sacrifice of gentile folk for the benefit of talmudic kabbalism - his willingness to connect the dots remains an elusive element of his legacy. On the one hand... he pointedly stated that the dwarves were indeed based upon none other than the 'jews.' OTOH.... he was scathing in his rebuttal of the suggestion by his proposed German publishers of their implication that his work was a critique of judaism. 

I am willing to posit that his sensitivity around the point may have been based on ..................
you guessed it! 

I have in my possession a list of marrano[crypto-judaic] surnames of England on which the surname Tolkin appears. Of course... no one will EVER talk about stuff like that in polite company!

I propose we drop down this rabbit hole a bit on BR! 

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Always thought that Tolkien found something ancient in the Oxford archives. Take a look at the depiction of the orcs and then take a long look, if you can, at Ruth Ginsburg. Kissin' cousins perhaps?

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