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— by Eric Eric
Hmm, I wonder if Gondolin might have been some kind of reference to Atlantis, i've heard quite a few say it was off to the west of England, if it actually did exist. I had heard that Tolkien was part of the clan as well as his books are extremely popular in Israel.  It's quite interesting to see the level of Talmudic inversion and hypocrisy that is involved in these recreations of what might be past history through their eyes. To view the goyim/gentiles as the Orcs is quite outstanding, my how they must have fallen since those days if the common man is to be considered an Ork when you see the atrocities that the saintly chosen have been a part of. I've never imagined a dwarf to drink blood and be involved with things like ritual sacrifice =p

Can't wait to see what you've got in store!