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— by Hudis Muffakah Hudis Muffakah
I'm late to this thread, coming upon it as I attack this site's lengthy catalog in the classic "pincers" fashion, alternately reading posts from the top down and the bottom up. Just had to chime in here to say that while I am a pathetic noob and most of this stuff sails over my pointy head, I'm finding it all of extreme interest. Just when I thought I was nearing the bottom of the rabbit hole, I turn a corner and realize that I'm barely through the front door.

I've always suspected that this current POTUS was a puppet and told the few people in my life who would dare to have a conversation with me on anything but superficial matters that if the real powers that be didn't want him where he is, he wouldn't be there. That is, this phony notion of a populist champion of the downtrodden working stiff rising to the Pinnacle of power against all odds is complete hogwash. The connections that this post touches on look like just the right loose end to tug on to unravel the whole ball o' yarn.

I wish I could contribute more to the discussion, but that would probably require me to quit my overpaid sinecure in the churning bowels of the technocratic bureaucracy and go full time into rabbit hole spelunking. Maybe one day I'll get off the plantation, but until then, in lieu of constantly interrupting with annoying noob questions, I'll hold off until I get a bit more caught up to where you guys are at. Thanks for all the great work!