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First, I have to thank you, for bringing my attention back to this post - which has a 'bittersweet' aura around it, since ... alto it has encapsulated a great deal of what needed to be said in order to draw together the many threads which had made up the GBTM experience to that point, in a very pleasing [to me at any rate!]manner...

also brought about the loss of an interlocutor whose 'learnedness' and conviviality combined to such unusual degree on these pages that it was a great blow to me to see my very necessary feedback to his situation produce such a result. Cataclysms penchant for bringing the dialogue around to dark matters was not  at all unwelcome to me - but it resulted in a REPLICATION of something which had happened before, in 2015, with another correspondent, in whom I had found much to hope for.

EXACTLY as C detailed it in his comment above... that fellow had a wife who fell seriously ill AFTER they became party to ongoing conversation with me. It pushed a button which I had not - and apparently have not - mastered. The implication of responsibility - an implication imposed by myself and no other lets be clear...

for the illness of another... drove me to distraction. I wished to help -greatly - and indeed, knew how to do so. But as I detailed it here... the 'help' of a psychopomp is not the kind of 'help' most would be looking for.
IF... you engender a conversation about "death" and dying with me.... one best be prepared to stay the course.  It occurred to be only after the fact that I could have been subject to yet another spoofing... over the years the various guises and gambits used by malevolent forces to interrupt the continuity of my 'studies' have been bizarrely intricate. It didn't help that another promising new voice - WMW - immediately after this outing put in a request for the document I wished to shield from general viewing... and then disappeared!

I have a healthy paranoia - it indeed is what has kept me 'healthy' to date. This post marked a divide where... as I think I mention outright some where here... I no longer accept the bona fides of ANY of my interlocutors in any way except 'provisionally.' I accept your 'robot' lol in that spirit. It's funny... and it's not.

The enough of the creepy stuff. Now for the good. I re read this post, after seeing your comment. I love what I did here! In so many ways it serves to provide a perfect bridge from GPBTM back over to the BARBAOUS RELIQUARY... where I haven't seen you yet. I think I can rework this essay for exactly that purpose. And that's exactly why I am thanking you.

Do feel free to add the input which you are motivated to here. Or wait for another occasion. I don't actually know whether registered readers receive an automatic notice when a new comment is entered on this site... or only myself as administrator. So I can't say if anyone else will respond on this old thread.