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Reluctantly dragged back here - by the sheer IMMENSITY of the folly by which the FAKE NEWS MEDIAS of both the 'alternative' and 'mainstream' flavors of foolaid now throw themselves upon the rocky reefs of the real...

I return with a review of just how precisely the work accomplished here one year ago ...

delineates the difference between REAL journalism and the FAKE model of same which is imposed everywhere by the ONEMEDIA ORGANS of the $power.

InNew Light on the Northern Fronts' Mysterious Trajectory Towards "All Out War" I 'brought to light' the exact manner by which Moscow indulged itself in 'PUNISHING' the SDF/YPG Kurdish led alliance of nothern Syria... for the crime of having prevented the Wagner private army of mercs from seizing the oil/gas wealth of eastern Syria as had been the planned 'reward' for Russian intervention in the muddled east.

Giving Ankara the green light to bomb the hell out of Afrin, Moscow managed to set the stage for the destruction of its own goals in Syria - a fact only coming into focus now, a year later! Stymied in their efforts to dislodge the Kurds from the Afrin Canton by means of their ground forces - the Turks would have to resort to aerial monopoly over those skies in order to save the day for Islamic Jiihad! Moscow was willing to indulge their jihadist satrapy... but their fit of pique would prove costly in the long run. Now, as the long planned Urusalem led NRG CARTEL comes into actuality - an 'actuality' actually ONLY announced and  reported upon by yours truly - as per usual - here

This telling quote - from that piece -

“We saw that the Americans responded to the attacks on the SDF in Deir Ezzor, and the 100 persons linked to the regime have been killed in these attacks yesterday day night,” she said during a conference in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Slemani on Friday.

“After that the attacks increased in Afrin, and as we said before Turkey has taken the permission to launch these attacks. The increase in these air strikes is linked to the U.S. attitude in Deir Ezzor,” she said.

Arabo told the conference that Russia was allowing such attacks as a reaction to the continued U.S. presence in Syria.

“Russia is not satisfied with U.S. presence in many places in Syria such as in Manbij, Tabqa and Deir Ezzor, and Russia is part of the Turkish attacks. Russia cannot face America, so they attack in other ways, such as the attack on the SDF in Deir Ezzor. These countries to not face each other, but they face each other through Turkey, the regime and other forces,” she said.

In an interview on Saturday, Arabo said that officials have not seen any real change in the Russian position after Turkish-backed rebels shot down a Russian jet.

“Russia accepted the Turkish attacks on our land, withdrew its forces from Afrin the first day of the fighting and opened the roads for Turkish planes to enter,” she told The Defense Post.

“Since the beginning we have been with the coalition against Da’ash,” she said, using an Arabic acronym for ISIS. “There were tensions between Russia and America and attacks have targeted us. Russia is now talking to us in a strong tone. We had relations with Russia in the past, and Russia helped us in fighting ISIS, but now Russia wants to be the owner of the largest part of Syria.”

“Russia’s relationship with Turkey is good, and gave permission to Turkey to attack us. The whole world knows it was Turkey were ISIS came from and entered Syria, why they don’t accuse Turkey of embracing ISIS. The Syrian regime attacked Deir Ezzor because of oil, and Russia has interests there,” she concluded.
Operation ‘Olive Branch’'

sums up how Moscow squandered its good relations with the Syrian Kurdish forces which no longer trusts the Russians - for obvious reasons - and in the process lost its chance to gobble up the oil/gas wealth of eastern Syria as its 'reward' for saving Assad. The Kurds - having moved into the American orbit as a result of Russian perfidy - are now going to be be 'instructed' by that part of the kabbalist octopus... to hand the resource riches over to the control of Urusalem!

The real masters of the Syria End Game... and the resource wealth which it was always about - are being revealed exactly as predicted here. An astonishing sequence of obsequious gesturing -  after Urusalem actually took down a Russkie bird... and Moscow simply shitgrinned and sucked it up... is followed now by...
Bolton assures Netanyahu that US backs Israel’s attacks on Syria on the part of BOTH pretend "superpowers" has made clear - exactly as we saw described here in "Dog Wags Tail?" and other stories -

just who is boss hawg in the mudded east - and who does that top hawg's bidding! No other media source even came close in describing the real situation in Syria last winter -

"Protecting assets, disposing of assets - much of the Syrian Imbrogolio will in hindsight prove to have been about Srael doing exactly that; The current decline of Daesh/Isis is quite in keeping with that TERROR STATES' program, whereby the conclusion of the phony wars in Iraq and Syria can be brought about once the petroleum assets it seeks are safely sequestered, and the affected states sufficiently neutered! Using both the Turks and the proxy mercenaries to achieve all this has been the keystone of its strategy - one we are now witnessing the final flourish of!

The Russians, as previously mentioned, have been dragged into a de facto alliance with with Srael for the purpose of building and operating an "EURASIAN ENERGY CARTEL" soon to be operational. It will include such (seemingly) unlikely members as Saudi Arabia, Iran, several Gulf States and Central Asia ones, and be aimed as a weapon of mass destruction at the west, in holding Europe to ransom, while forcing a breach in its economic and military alliances. The obvious joint goal of both 'senior' members - Srael and Russia is the destruction of NATO and peeling off of Germany from the rest of a defenseless Europe. The less obvious tensions between the two are over the division of the spoils of course, but much more as well. The fate of Russia itself is in play, because the diaspora of Russian talmudists who have control over most of the worlds' finances now are eager to leverage that power into control over ALL of the major nation states."

Well well well...

as EVERYONE pretends that Turkey is going to 'deal with Daesh/ISIS' ... that USA is gonna "leave" Syria... and that Russia is anything more than a toothless lapdog of the THURD TEMPLE $power in the s e Med...
you... dear GULAGISTANI... are really and truly trapped in the MATRIX. A talmudic hell zone nobody wishes to hear about, but which invades their reality regardless.

And with the astonishing accuracy of those reports of mine now proving out literally daily... I can only laugh at the stolid insistence with which the world continues to ignore and embargo the work of THE ONLY REAL REPORTER left in the entire field. Don't even get me started ... on how precisely I also nailed the developing debacle of American domestic political prelude - to all out civil war!