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Re: IN THE NEWS TODAY... YESTERDAYS NEWZ all over agin! oui!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Hello Eric,
Yes, you read the post "The End" on the companion platform to this one - Barbarous Reliquary. It hasn't gone anywhere. But it was
indeed... "the end." The fiasco of the Golan Giveaway, coming after the Embassy heist[300million$ of taxpayer money!]was all I needed to finally  arrive at 'closure' for my quest of 10 years running. Not a a peep of protest... as you might have noted, from anyone anywhere in a position of authority.

Closure. As in - knowing for sure that my past years' announcement of the 'end of the west'... in so far as it can now be deemed locked in a talmudic hell realm, without fear of overstatement or inaccuracy can be confirmed.

In my story PRECESSION OF SIMULACRA, THE NEW TENOCHITITLAN at the beginning of that 10 year cycle of writing, I asked whether it was possible that the entire west had actually ceased to exist, and mere simulations of past life forms were continuing to beam out messages in facsimile form. I'm pretty much sure that is indeed now the case. Which leaves me ever so curious how and from where life forms such as yourself are sending their messages.

I'm not kidding in any way. I'm deadly serious. In one of my latter stories on this particular platform, I think I provided a link to the film of Vincent Price called "Last Man on Earth." If it's still there,  on I recommend you to see it. It's pretty much dead on.

best to you and Gamer.