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Also, how about much does it cost there for something like a single bedroom apartment and general monthly living expensives, Shopping, Electricity.  I've been thinking things over myself more after that last post and I honestly don't see any hope for western Europe, I don't want to be forced into a neighborhood of aggressive and angry blacks that are continually filled through hate for us in our own (((controlled media))) and education institutions, this includes the trolling of you tube comments, forums, racial hatred video posts by blacks that never get pulled down, etc. Lets me serious, this place isn't going to last much longer.  Looking up all this 5g stuff which I am fairly certain is real, and some other incident that might have IE: WW3.  There is supposed to be over 2 billion Casualties by 2025, mostly all in European/Western countries.  A reduction in population of Usa by 2025 from 345-350 million to 100 million at the least.  I've seen this at the website as well as a few others, some suggesting it would happen next year.  I know for sure this will happen in the next 10 years, but its better to move as soon as possible.  How is living conditions there,  are the people and women nice?  I'm hoping to find something not so overcrowded where I can be with nature.  As you say, we all started in Asia, Wether Hittites, Scythians, Samartians,Greeks, Italians, and many others.  I'm almost certain this whole thing is about us not wanting to merge with the west as this is one of the goals of Freemasonic Great work and has been tried several times over the last 3,000 years.  Starting with ALexander the Great and his (((funders))) he was told to tell his men to settle down in asia/middle east in the regions they captured, divorse their wives and marry asian wives and  become assimilated and have kids.  Then came their financed moor invasion, and then their fake black plague, and then Genghis Khan, whos philosophy was to spread his seed amongst all women and use those babies to spread their seed so they could all be linked in unity.  Sounds al ittle (((Judaic))) and most likely they were controlled as well.  Of course if you see people as your family you can deal with them so much easier and many of his rules were rather crypto, almost like crypto Jew laws you aren't allowed to speak of with the Goyim, but almost every one of them sounded fair and made sense and were based about pure nature, shamanism and paganism. Something we need today after losing our true religions through christianity.  I hope to hear what you think and to hear from you soon my friend!