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Sorry for the delay in responding.

If you go to a site like, you can do a cost of living comparison, item by item, using your current location, and where ever else you choose. Taking a mid-sized city, like, for example, Eskisehir, and pretty much anywhere in the USA, you will see it comes in at pretty close to one third the cost of living in the latter. Specific to your question, you will see that aparts are about one-tenth the cost to rent.
Fuel, internet, electricity are among several things which are actually higher. Although I'm not sure about internet, anymore it may be way higher now in the fallen lands.

If you get out of the city, the prices are correspondingly cheaper. But you would have to have wheels. In most cases.
The ladies are very easy on the eyes. But finding one[or two!]that aren't completely crazed already... just like back in Gulagistan... is a needle in haystack kind of job. Plus there is a UUGE cultural decomprsssion to go through... which took ME years... and I'm a pretty quick study for most everything. As with most anything... it comes down to being a big enough DREAMER. in dream time, the kabbalist black magician is usually not there to intrude. You can do a LOT of important set up work there. Dream your life... and then live your dream.

he he heh... of course everyone will tell you that's impossible. I'm with Muhammed Ali on that one!

a person could actually get out... and had an intense desire to leave their entire previous life behind, and a determined enough will to make it all happen... coming to Asia would be a VERY rewarding experience.

But.... in no way is the heavy hand of talmudism any less prevalent here. Unless a person is particularly savvy, it could be like jumping out of the fry pan ... and into the fire.

You might be interested to know that Genghis had RED hair. Rufism is a common trait of the israelite... who spread out pretty much all over Asia, before the rise of talmudic judaism.